Saturday, April 9, 2011

Teachers chosen for "career ladder" positions

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City teachers set to start new roles to be more effective

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Questioner said...

Something interesting from the article- Perry teachers will be creating their own reform model:

"The Promise Readiness Corps will be staffed at Allderdice, Brashear, Carrick, Langley and Oliver. Plans initially called for a corps at Perry as well, but the district did not receive the mix of applications needed. Instead, a different school reform model -- using strategies developed by Perry teachers -- will be tried at Perry."

Anonymous said...

Take on the challenge Perry. Nina Sacco, Faculty, and Staff will show the District how to create a successful school.

Old Timer said...

When individuals here begin to get it through their skulls that the PFT is nothing more than an arm of PPS, connected to the personnel department, then everything will make perfect sense.
The complete laugh about this---and I am positive that board administrators howl until tears are flowing--is that whether you are a union member or not, you have dues deducted from your paycheck each time.
Most non-teachers here do not see the severity of this issue. They think it's an exaggeration, an overstatement of the reality. Sad, but you have a union leader, a union administration and a number of PFT members who have sold their souls to the Roosevelt corporate model.
I truly hope karma really know.
In any case, Perry is a great place to avoid at all costs.

Anonymous said...

Why avoid Perry? How is it to be avoided more than Oliver, Langley, or Brashear?

Anonymous said...

Why did Westinghouse promise teachers they were doing PRC and then take it away two weeks ago? Many teachers there applied for PRC positions only to be told there would be no PRC. Explanation?

Anonymous said...

There was a re-posting of many career ladder positions just this past week. We were told that those who had already applied and had not received any offers need not apply again.