Tuesday, April 26, 2011

"The limits of school reform"

Op-ed from NYT:


"Going back to the famous Coleman report in the 1960s, social scientists have contended — and unquestionably proved — that students’ socioeconomic backgrounds vastly outweigh what goes on in the school as factors in determining how much they learn. Richard Rothstein of the Economic Policy Institute lists dozens of reasons why this is so, from the more frequent illness and stress poor students suffer, to the fact that they don’t hear the large vocabularies that middle-class children hear at home.

Yet the reformers act as if a student’s home life is irrelevant."


Questioner said...

Here is the link to the blog post on the NYT Magazine article mentioned in the op ed piece:


Anonymous said...

Worse yet, reformers tactically label teachers "racist" (or alude to this) as a way to discourage educators from speaking out about this.