Wednesday, April 13, 2011

"The children left behind"

Fascinating article on efforts of middle school students who due to social, emotional or behavioral problems have had to leave their original schools:


Realist said...

I must raise an objection to the title of the article, which implies that these students were for some reason heartlessly abandoned by the educational system.

This is not the case. Most were expelled from their home schools. Know that it really takes extreme misbehavior to be expelled from a public school.

So know that these students must have done great damage to the educational process in their home schools.

The "children left behind" in this story are the good students, those who lost irreplacable educational time due to the students in the article.

I have nothing against the alternative school highlighted in this article. Quite the opposite. It is necessary.

And for some of those students, their broken home lives almost made their behavior inevitable.

But don't be confused as to who the real victims are here.

Anonymous said...

No, the children left behind have gone on to private schools. Their parents would be fools to keep them in a failing city school.

Anonymous said...

No, they are not the ones "left behind." They are no longer in a failing school!

Anonymous said...

The real victims?

You mean the teachers, right?

NCLB, another plan hatched by republicans. Why is it that anything that comes from that party is so outrageous? The party of the rich does it again.

Anonymous said...

PPS 101

Step 1
Flip it up. Change the name, zoning, and fake magnet, throw in some unconstitutional with a PHD in diversion while ignoring an entire community.

Step 2
Corbett is now the Governor, so quickly give the central admin staff huge raises before he makes any announcements, while simultaneously giving out press releases about 10% central admin cuts.

Step 3
Leave town before people figure out how much BS has been tossed about.

Pittsburgh is going to be caught napping big time.