Thursday, July 19, 2012

Agenda materials/ video?

On another post Anonymous wrote:

New Post please:

Did anyone attend the Agenda Review Meeting last evening? The agenda is not posted on the PPS website and the video is not on PPS Tube yet.

I've called the District already asking for both.


Questioner said...

So what did the district say?

To confirm, are you saying the Agenda Review materials are not available online? A+ Schools has been praising PPS for making these materials available in advance of meetings.

The Agenda Review SHOULD be on cable this evening and tomorrow morning, unless for unknown reasons it is preempted by old public service announcements.

Anonymous said...

Do you think it will have sound? Will it be a talkie?

Anonymous said...

The Agenda was posted on the PPS website within minutes of me calling the board office. Video is not.

Good point about the District's commitment to post Agenda in advance of meetings. I will let A+ know.

Anonymous said...

The iPads are adding up. Looks like IT asked for about a million or so this month. When did they purchase them?

Anonymous said...

Those ipads sure are adding up.

3000 soft cases and 3000 hard cases at a cost that comes out to just over $38 a case. Wow. Looking on Amazon, I don't think I'd be spending that much.

I sure hope those cases are compatible with the 100 ipad carts they are buying -- in the pictures of ipad carts, it doesn't look like they're wearing their cases while in the cart. The carts are an easy breezy $2498 each.

So just between these two things, we're bumping up on 500K. I wonder what the grand total of just the ipad spending will end up being.

Anonymous said...

Add in the wireless too. It's on there.

Anonymous said...

Good money chasing bad. Silly investments at a time when so many teachers and support staff are being laid off,

At least when the district was buying Tier 1 desktops you knew the product would remain functional, if necessary, five years. Good luck with those iPads on a five year lease.

Anonymous said...

Can someone indicate when the agenda review and Board meetings are televised? I am not sure when these meetings actually take place. Is there a specific day and time every month? I would like to watch these meetings on Verizon channel 44.

Since I happen to be reading this blog now, I was able to turn the TV on to channel 44 to view the agenda review in progress. However, it would be nice to know in advance when the public can actually check in to the televised showing.

Questioner said...

On Channel 44 you can watch the Thursday after the meeting at 7:00 pm; the Friday after the meeting at 10:00 am; and usually, the Saturday and Sunday after the meeting at 3:00 pm. Unless it is preempted by old police award ceremonies or public service announcements.

Anonymous said...

11:03 AM Thanks for the info regarding viewing time.

Now can you tell me on what Thursday of the month do these meetings actually take place? I went to the PGH web page but I couldn't find the dates for upcoming agenda review meetings. Am I to assume that the agenda review is always the 3rd Thursday of the month? Also what I found on the site were 3 agenda review meetings dated for 2011. Aren't these meetings monthly? If so, where are the meeting video's
and/or minutes for 2012 posted?

Is the monthly education committee meeting also televised? If so, what day and week of the month does this occur? Where can I find the video/minutes on the PPS website?

Lastly, what about the legislative meeting? I reviewed the listing of past meetings and they seem to be held the 4th Wednesday of the month.

I know that the public can attend the legislative meeting but can we also attend the education and agenda review meetings?

Sorry for all of the questions. I'm new to the Pgh area and trying to learn about PPS. Maybe I just don't understand how to negotiate the website.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to the Board meeting calendar:|&NodeID=2451
Unfortunately, it is buried deep in the website. From the home page, click on Our District, then click on Board of Directors, then click on Board Meeting Calendar.

Questioner said...

Agenda review takes place one Wednesday a month, usually around the second week, then the following Monday there is a public hearing, and then the Wednesday after that there is a Legislative meeting. All are open to the public. Most months have an Education Committee meeting which is often posted on the calendar and is open to the public. Unfortunately the public hearings and the Education Committee meetings are not televised.

Anonymous said...

That is not quite accurate.

The Agenda Review is the 3rd Wednesday at 6:30, the Legislative on the 4th Wednesday, both at 7:00. There is a Business Meeting on the 2nd Monday and an Education Meeting on the 2nd Tuesday, both at 5:30. The Public Hearing is the MOnday before the Legislative Meeting at 6:00.
There is no mystery since the Meetings are posted every month on the PPS Calendar, the last tab on the Home page.

Anonymous said...

This simply should not be difficult to find.

Anonymous said...

Jerry Lippert answers just about every question, including ones asked directly to the technology person. I would guess she was the superintendent if I didn't know better.

She seems to make certain she gets her talking points in.

Anonymous said...

"Talking points" YES! But, that IS her objective---to answer questions with "talking points" that are part of the image to be projected.

In this case the "image" is not reality, unfortunately.