Monday, July 30, 2012

PPS job listings

On another post Anonymous wrote:

PPS has job postings on Monster...

I see there are several positions for those with ESL cert plus core areas...Couldn't they work with current teachers to get ESL cert while teaching those classes instead of hiring new teachers when so many are furloughed??


Anonymous said...

"Couldn't they work with current teachers to get ESL cert while teaching those classes instead of hiring new teachers when so many are furloughed??"

Questioner, why would they want to do that?

Here's the rule at the Board of Ed building:

new teachers = cheaper = better

And here's the rule at the Union building:

approved by administration = okay with us

Anonymous said...

Isn't this fascinating? PPS still is under investigation for PSSA cheating:

When was Eleanor Chute planning on updating this story?

Why hasn't there been further press releases from Ebony Pugh and Lisa Fischetti to keep our community posted?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the ESL jobs. The regulations for ESL certification are ridiculous and overly complicated. There is no simple stand-alone ESL certification for PA. To teach ESL to pre-K through 6th you have to have an elementary certificate with an "add on" ESL certificate. To teach ESL at the 7-12 level, you either need an old fashioned English certification with an ESL add-on certification (to teach the language) or a HS content certificate (math, social studies, bio, etc) plus an add-on ESL certificate. There are several teachers in the district who had been teaching ESL classes provisionally with the agreement that they would acquire the ESL add-on but many teachers never finished this (I know this because I've been looking in to getting an ESL add-on cert and I'm a district English teacher who survived this round of cuts).

ESL is also the only content in the district that is actually growing so we do need teachers. But you can't just put someone into an ESL position who isn't certified unless you can demonstrate that there were no "highly qualified" (already certified) teachers to hire -- thus, the job posting. If this isn't followed the district can get fined big.

All that said, if no highly qualified candidates are out there, I assume the district can call back furloughed teachers in those content areas who are in the process of getting the ESL add-on credential. If I were someone in those shoes you know I'd be paying close attention to these positions.

Anonymous said...

Is this "provisional" classification common beyond the ESL certification area? in terms of administrator certification are there "provisional" situations and does any education laws require disclosure of non-certified administrators?

Anonymous said...

Do "Directors" who serve as principals or in other administrative positions hold legitimate principal or supervisor certifications?

If the "directors" are PA certified as administrators of some sort, why is the title "director"? Director of what or who, and why?

Anonymous said...

Interesting questions about "directors". Another "director" was appointed at Milliones UPrep last week.

How many "directors" are at UPrep now?

Two, three, or four?

What is the job description? Is Certification necessary? To whom are they accountable?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:14

Directors do hold administrative papers. A director is a VP. The district ran the PELA program, which is essentially a brainwashing program to get administrators in schools so that they distribute central office koolaid. They had to call them directors, because when they started getting rid of VPs and putting their new people in, they had to make it seem like it was a different job, or else they would have been sued. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

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