Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Heinz grant to increase parent engagement

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Questioner said...

Strangely, when parents came out and advocated for what they wanted- ie, Schenley, Burgwin, separate Perry and Oliver schools, separate middle and high school CAPA, Heinz representatives offered no words of support; sometimes a Heinz officer would be present at hearings, but would say nothing.

Usually when parents speak out the response is that what the parents want will cost money, or prevent the district from saving money. For real change parents would need input into how funds are allocated.

Questioner said...
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Questioner said...

More things parents felt were important- sports, later starting time for HS, bus passes for HS, community schools, 6-8 separate from HS, classes not leveled...

A better description for the parameters of engagement is needed, ie is the goal engagement that costs little and/or supports what PPS is already doing- so that parents can help choose the theme of a year end party, or get more involved in fundraising to support school sports and activities.

As an aside a big plus would be alternatives to parents standing at traffic lights with cans to raise money for school sports teams.

Anonymous said...

I once heard a TV personality talk in a school about what it was to be a parent- kinda at the end of a long day you gotta put your hand DOWN IN that back pack and search out stuff ;) but seriously how about putting out some basics:
schools need a phone number for emergencies
even if you don't wanna be called give the school a number-- this is your KID
put that hand in the book bag
talk to the teacher first-- then approach others
think of things to ask about-- not just how was school-- but what did you do in gym today- to start those conversations
ask school admin-- "how can we make t his happen?' not just wants but -- the how..
get the hierarchy straight so parents know WHO to pester- the chart changes and it doesnt always come out anymore

Robert Park said...

I'd like to chat to the person that runs this blog. Obviously they've spent a long time and have a passion about improving PPS.

My email is editorrobpark@gmail.com

If anyone else has a passion to improve our schools, please feel free to email me. I would love to talk to you.

one parent said...

the grant will be most useful if it reaches those parents who have never been reached before. know what i mean? the parent who has never been to a pto meeting or has no transportation to get to a school event or the one who is the parent of a kid who has nobody there for him or her on the day they graduate from kindergarten.

Anonymous said...

It takes having a outreach program that helps that community and school!

Anonymous said...

The last PTO meeting I went to 3 years ago in a PPS school in the Hill District a total of 4 parents came-there were almost 300 kids in the school. I truly wish them the best of luck with this plan.