Monday, May 25, 2009

Facilities "Community Dialogue" Results Posted

Results can be found at:

The deJong consultants are to be credited for posting the many comments made by respondents, which are very interesting and informative to read.


Questioner said...

None of the survey questions asked about safety, but concerns about safety, gangs and neighborhood tensions run throughout the comment sections.

Mark Rauterkus said...

These are not "results." The 125 slides in the presentation is data. So, bravo! Thanks for the community dialogue data. That is a nice 3rd or 4th step.

What results do YOU see within that data?

When the real results are posted, then we'll have the next round of discussions.

Questioner said...

These general questions may start people thinking and talking. It is not clear if ALL comments were posted, but in addition to concerns about safety respondents seem to favor schools in neighborhoods even at the high school level. While long travel times to a really special program are acceptable for some students, for most an option to go to school nearby seems to be viewed as a way to provide services, maximize parent engagement and make the most of students' time.

Questioner said...

The deJong firm promptly confirmed that all comments have been posted, unless they contained profanity or references to specific individuals.