Friday, May 15, 2009

Petitions; GASP

GASP indicates that it has nearly 1600 signatures on its petition for action to reduce diesel emissions (see GASP info below).

A note about petitions and why more than signatures are needed- in a short timeframe PURE Reform obtained signatures of 200 city residents requesting not only an inspection of asbestos plaster at four elementary schools but also an opinion on the condition of the asbestos plaster at those schools in comparison to the plaster at the Schenley building. While an inspection is to be done at the elementary schools, the response to the request for the comparison was: "Thank you for your opinion." No explanation was given as to why the district would decline this information.

From GASP:

Last Thursday, we sent you an invitation to testify at the Pittsburgh School Board meeting next Monday, May 18th. Details are below. Although we suggested you call the School Board by today to get on the agenda – you still have until Monday at noon to make that call. Would appreciate being informed if you plan to testify - 3053x240 or 325-7382
We have nearly 1600 signatures of concerned citizens on petitions urging the School Board to reduce exposure of school children to harmful diesel emissions by installing diesel retrofit equipment or purchasing new buses which already have this equipment in place.
It is likely that strong language and incentives will be incorporated into the upcoming 5-year contract between the Pittsburgh School District and the various carriers encouraging them to retrofit their buses. We want to assure that the School Board “does the right thing” and signs off on this contract.
Your testimony will help make that happen. Thank you in advance.

Join GASP and Clean Water Action To Cut School Bus Emissions By 90%
Help Urge the School Board to Protect Children’s Health by Requiring School Bus Retrofits
Diesel emissions have been linked to respiratory ailments, heart attacks and cancer. They are most dangerous to kids because their bodies are still developing. There is an available technology, a diesel retrofit, which can reduce emissions by 90%. Because of your support in the past, two major school bus contractors have taken major steps to retrofit their buses. Help us encourage the School Board to require the same for all the yellow buses in the district.

Public Testimony:
Monday, May 18th
7:00 p.m.
School Board Meeting
Conference Room A
341 South Bellefield Street
Pittsburgh, PA

To testify, you must be a City of Pittsburgh or Mount Oliver resident. Please call the School Board @ 412-622-3600 on Friday May 15th to get on the agenda. Please RSVP to GASP or Clean Water Action if you are going to testify. 3053x240 or 325-7382

Kathy Lawson
Policy Associate
412.765.3053 X240
Clean Water Action - Pittsburgh
100 Fifth Avenue-Suite 1108
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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