Monday, May 4, 2009

Port Authority to overhaul transit service

From today's PG:

"[T]he Port Authority's first major overhaul of transit service in more than 30 years includes fewer stops, simpler routes and schedules, faster buses.... For now, the consultant's preferred concepts, called Better Radial and Better Radial Plus, would continue to focus on providing most riders with direct service to Downtown and Oakland."

Changes in transit service should absolutely be a factor in the current facilities planning process, particularly at the high school level.


fixit said...

At one time I would have been jumping up and down about this news. We somehow seem to adapt and modify our plans to accomodate such changes. If my child chose a high school magnet program that put him on public transportation for more than one hour each way, I would have to look at alternatives and advocate for later start times for high schoolers. I know my kid and his attendance would stink if the transportation issue was a drag.

Questioner said...

Somehow the later start time for HS students concept never seems to go anywhere. It may be b/c this change may require younger students to go to school earlier, affecting families as well as students (whereas HS students often get themselves to school). Or it may have something to do w/ afterschool sports and activities.

However, a later start time wouldn't change the great amounts of time students will have to spend if students are assigned to schools requiring them to make time consuming transfers. With our public transportation system focusing on transit to Oakland and downtown, it makes no sense for PPS to ignore this fact and give up the majority of space we have in Oakland for high school students.

Anonymous said...

And what if a student lives in Oakland and needs to go to school that is not in the direction of downtown? How many real options are there??

Mark Rauterkus said...

Afterschool sports and activities should not be an impact for the start time for kids in HS. No way.

We should be playing more night games in the city anyway.

Frankly, a later start time gives us more time for AM swim practices. ;)