Thursday, May 21, 2009

Suspension at Penn Hills

The PG reports a 60 d suspension for a student w/ an eyebrow shaver.

This seems to be getting ridiculous- there are many everyday items in school buildings, such as scissors, that are more dangerous than an eyebrow shaver.


Mark Rauterkus said...

Let's not start posting about the ills at Penn Hills on this blog -- as we'll be here forever, sadly.

I graduated from Penn Hills Sr. HS, '77.

I think PH will play at Allderdice on Tuesday vs. Schenley in boys volleyball.

When I was at PH, my team, WON WPIALS in volleyball. This year they got #2 to NA (won again).

This PH vs Schenley is a PIAA playoff game.

Perhaps the non city chatter should go on another blog or in another section of PURE Reform. I do think we need to keep aware of things in a regional way, BTW.

Go Spartans.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Scholastic athletes at all the schools get some props on WEDNESDAY at PNC Park as the city's best two boys baseball teams clash for the title game.

That is a great time to go to the ballpark -- as we're sure to watch a winning team, unlike visits to witness the Pirates.

Questioner said...

This post wasn't intended to be about Penn Hills in particular- it was more to focus on the general issue of what the rules should be for prohibiting certain items in school buildings and to encourage comments on what is happening in PPS re: prohibited items.