Saturday, May 9, 2009

Report on the April EFA meeting

PURE Reform's report on the April 28, 2009 EFA meeting has now been posted. Go to's Announcements tab and click on "PURE Reform Report" for this date.

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Questioner said...

At this Q & A session, claims are made that comprehensive schools have a harder time helping students to "fit in" and that U Prep students "seem to be doing better" than they were at Schenley.

For millions of extra dollars, extra staff including Pitt professors and staff brought from out of state, small class size, etc., etc., we expect that data when available will show improvements in achievement at U Prep. But that's not to say that millions of extra dollars, extra staff and small class size would not have helped achievement at Schenley (a school noted for helping students of all kinds to "fit in"- see PURE Reform's Links, Schenley section) or other comprehensive schools.