Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"106 ways parents can help students achieve"

One of PURE Reform's core values is parent engagement.

In recognition of the start of a new PPS year tomorrow, here is a link to a list of "106 ways parents can help students achieve." The publication points out that between birth and age 18 children spend just 9% of their time in school and notes that after decades of research, "the link between parental involvement and higher student achievement is undeniable."

This list was brought to our attention earlier this year by one of the PURE blog's commentators. Please post any additions to the list or comments that are especially relevant to PPS.

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Questioner said...

Thinking about the 9% figure- it's not clear if this is 9% of WAKING hours. But even excluding time spent asleep, the percentage of time spent at school would not seem to be more than 15%.