Thursday, September 3, 2009

AYP reading target met through new "growth model"

From today's PG:

The article reports that for the grade 3-5 span the district easily met the math target without any special allowances, but that for reading AYP was met based on a new "growth model" measurement created by the state.


Questioner said...

It is not clear exactly what the growth model requires. Search results for "growth model" on the PA Dpt of Ed's AYP website:

Search Results
No results found for "growth model"

Anonymous said...

It would have looked better to change the rules BEFORE they knew what the results were.

Charley Don't Surf said...

Growth model, eh? Again, the ivory tower crowd takes credit for something that they had little to do with---kind of like the supervisory staff of the ELA department in PPS.
It was teaching, friends...good, solid, patient, caring teaching.

Anonymous said...

Forgive me, what is ELA?