Friday, May 27, 2011

Comparison with Duquesne school district

On another post Anonymous wrote:

"How about analysis and discussion of the Duquesne School District based on the PG and Trib articles.

Can we compare and contrast the issues around poor districts statewide with poor schools citywide?

Can we generate solutions which will solve the lack of excellence, equity, resources, etc. for poor children, black children, hispanic children who have been 'DOOMED' to lives without even adequate educational preparation that would lead them to successful, productive futures?"


Anonymous said...

"Can we compare and contrast the issues around poor districts statewide with poor schools citywide?"

What are the advantages and disadvantages of consolidation of "poor" schools within our Pittsburgh Public School as well as consolidation of "poor" districts in Allegheny County and across the PA?

"Poor" as used here means in terms of finances, resources, academics, achievement as well as extracurriculars.

Inspector Clouseau said...

Do you really want to know what is wrong with the American education system? It’s the parents, and the conditions which exist in the homes of the children. The parents have roughly 5-6 years to mold the values, curiosity, personalities, and attitudes of the children. More parents are disillusioned, have more economic difficulties to address personally, and thus do not have as much energy or time as parents in the past to deal with the issues affecting their children.

People change when they are sufficiently motivated to change. With so many unmotivated parents out there, why should we expect the kids to be motivated? By the time they reach grade school, they are complicated human beings and the education professionals are faced with major challenges.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that it is all over for kids who have not been "molded" and "motivated" by 5 or 6 years of age?

That defies all logic, history, and biographical documentation!