Sunday, May 29, 2011

Last class at Schenley

From the PG:

"It was an eclectic mix of students that all worked together somehow," said Walter Moser, who coaches baseball at Schenley and has taught history there since 1984. "It was a school you'd be hard-pressed to find today in most cities.""

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Questioner said...

It is really sad to read about what became of the last class's high school experience. It's hard to imagine any of the board members voting this result for their own children.

There is also this comment from the board president:

"She sees the fact that no buyers have been found for the building as a sign that remediation costs truly are prohibitive."

- The building is designed for use as a school. If potential buyers found it expensive to reconfigure the building for another use, that tells us nothing about the level of remediation costs for use as a high school. Illogical statements have increased as those making decisions for PPS realize that no one will call them on the statements.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Thing One and Thing Two, ... wow.

How fitting.

Anonymous said...

Never had an affiliation with Schenley beyond attending the last five musicals with some other old folks who like cheap, but quality entertainment. Still,can't seem to get past the first two paragraphs of the Sostek article in the PG. Maybe tomorrow. Good luck to Schenley grads past and present.