Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Pittsburgh Courier endorsements

New Pittsburgh Courier endorses Mark Brentley and Regina Holley.


Anonymous said...

New Pittsburgh Courier on Mark Brentley:

"Just because he was the lone voice, doesn’t mean he was the wrong voice."


Randall Taylor said...

Let's stand up for the candidacies of Mark Brentley and Regina Holley. If you think its time to give the school district back to our students and parents. Do you believe its time to focus on academic achievement and not grants and the latest educational fads. Do you think its time to put seasoned successful educators in leadership positions again there is something you can do. Voluteer on election day. Get in touch with Regina and Mark and say" I can work a poll for you on election day. It is easy to complain, but harder to get up, get out, and make a change.