Monday, May 2, 2011

Proposals to cap school tax increases

From the PG:

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Mark Rauterkus said...

While it is important to monitor that element of total taxes, there is a better way for the consumer, homeowners, and families. I am a big fan of a polit
iCal solution used in other stated but not PA, yet.

Assessment buffeting.

Ones tax bill could change, but, the amount due should not change in radical ways. Rather the buffer gives taxpayers 3 years to Ned to pay the whole amount of the change.

So, if the tax bill is presently $1,000 and the bill jumps to $2,000 due to higher school taxes and municipal taxes too, there becomes a buffer for 1,000. So in year one the bill paid is made to be 1/3rd + some amount ($10). That means the bill jumps about $350 each year. Year 2 the amount due is more than $1,670. Then the full amount come 3 years later.

This is better than a tax freeze. This is better than a whole reassessment that hits in an uneven way.

Families and budgets need time to plan. Citizen budgets, not gov budgets.

And if the taxes go up to much, this gives you time to sell and re-examine what should be paid with a different place to live.

The PA Constitution has a uniformity law that needs to allow for buffeting of adjustments in tax bills.