Monday, April 16, 2012

I Pad purchases

On another post Anonymous wrote:

"New post?

In looking through the Agenda review meeting materials it looks like the District is going to be purchasing 6,000 iPads at a cost of 1 million dollars per year for the next 5 years. How is it that many teachers are losing their job this year yet we have money to buy so many iPads?

See Page 11/12 "


Mark Rauterkus said...

Finally, a reason to make the links on Pure Reform blog more iPad friendly.

Guys, (and gals), it would be GREAT if you post the links on the web so that they can be clicked upon with an iPad. To select the text and paste it is a pain in the iPad.

Blogger will do this for you if you let it without too much trouble.

Angry Taxpayer said...

Wow, a five year refresh cycle for handheld devices seems like a stretch. The useful life for most is in the 2-3 year range.

This is as silly as financing a car over 7 years, but it's coming from the same crew that negotiated their way to DOUBLING the cost of copiers that were previously bid.

Anonymous said...

On the Agenda Review topic, #9 and #10 from the materials requests authorization to pay 1500.00 to a banquet hall and 1500.00 to a caterer for the Oliver HS sports banquet. From what bucket does this money come from and how do other schools pay for their banquets, or, doesn't every school have a banquet?

Anonymous said...

I heard that PPS is getting ipads for the dist. although the fact is that it will cost 1 million a year for 5 years i don't mine the fact if Gates/Broad picking up the tab please tell me that is the situation oh better yet we should
let Silicon Valley run PPS Dist.!!
for those who know about Silicon Valley what's next are we going to furnish PPS students with the new Apple i phone i just thought that i throw that out do we still got cans !!! left to kick down the road the next 5 years at least we are trying to keep up with technology enclosing are we going to get rid of all teachers and just use high tech seems to me the way we are heading FOLKS

Questioner said...

It is exciting to have the latest devices, but think back to what was exciting 4 years ago- would we want to be still in a contract today to buy those items? In 4 years would PPS at least be buying the latest ipad version and not early models that Apple wants to unload?

Questioner said...

PPS has really cut back on buying library books lately; probably also textbooks too, b/c many books are used with stampt of other school districts on them, maybe sold when those districts bought updated versions. There have been discussions about students accessing books online, but is citiwide free wireless access expected any time soon?

Anonymous said...

Developmentally challenged students in Pre-K and K have benefitted from the technology available using Ipads. I would rather see technology integrated into teaching early childhood students and let those who want to use the i-tech options to buy their own.

Anonymous said...

On library books: When we switched to site-based budgeting ( not really management) library books became another pricipal discretion.
Many principals raided this item for other things--all having the exact same bulletin board on door for beginning of school etc. Prior to this- every school had the BASIC collection-- around 120 books per year. Also, 4 times a year, librarians chose more books differentiated by school needs. Unlike other districts that choose from magazines and lists-- every book in PPS libraries has been read, and a written review has been filed. There are E-books available to PPS students. One of the strongest areas in e-books is careers, which obviously needs to be very current. World Book is also available on-line, but of course these resources need more teaching by a librarian than the " I can google" mentality.

Anonymous said...

Site-based budgeting has been the operating process for a long time so would it be accurate to assume that, at least in the area of purchasing books to keep collections current, it became a place to cut long before the budget woes surfaced? Sheeeesh.

Anonymous said...

Lots of research exists on the use of ipads to aid teaching autistic students. Are ipads used in any classes in pps for autistic support?

Anonymous said...

6,000. I'd love to know who is getting them and what their intended purposes are.

Anonymous said...

Yes, many principals were excellent over the past 15 or so years, proudly telling their pscc able good budgeting decisions,library books purchased, access to databases etc. But for some it was an easy way to access funds, or slap a facecby giving 25.00. --

Anonymous said...

The overall technology budget has skyrocketed, the cuts didn't save money. Is the CTO being held responsible?

Anonymous said...

Phys Ed Teachers already have them.

They recieved them to use for the forth quarter.

Curious George said...

6000 I-pads? Really?

I know of at least one PPS high school that is losing its band next year due to budget cuts.

Bands do a lot for school spirit. And they are a way to keep kids involved and active in their school.

Besides that, most band students are honors students. Bands attract quality students.

No money for school bands, but lots of money for I-pads.

Look back to the glory days of the Pittsburgh Public Schools. There were many great schools, with great bands. And it was all done without any fancy high-tech gimmicks.

And, no, I am not a band teacher or band parent. But I know what's important and what's not.

Anonymous said...

The material available (left hand column) on the
website are 'shock and awe' revelations!

Worth reading and delving further into the issues presented around education.

Wondering why there has not been a major scandal exposed by independent, investigative sources. It would seem that collective University/Schools of Education would be at the forefront of bring disclosure despite the 'big money' entities like Broad and Gates that are involved in this travesty.

It is quite beyond any belief or comprehension that this is happening! OMG!