Thursday, April 26, 2012

School District of Philadelphia to dissolve

- Didn't the Broad foundation award the Philadelphia Public Schools Superintendent Arlene Ackerman an award for excellence just a couple of years back?  This article refers to "decades of mismanagement."


Anonymous said...

Pittsburgh is next. Pharoah let my people go! But before you do please make sure we get what we need now for Squirrel Hill and North of Forbes before we lose everything as well. Allderdice does not deserve to be on anyones chopping block we can afford our schools and would be doing well academicly if we only had our own students to deal with. But This district sees fit to send us fail students as well. Not fair.

Why are we even spending money on schools In the Hill, Homewood and Northside. Turn those over to charters the students would be much better.

Pittsburgh used to be a great school district when it was run by people who were locals and wer invested in the pittsburgh area. But with it being run by people who come as far aways as Iowa and Boston, it will never ever be looked after. They dont care and share our same history and desire to be the best. Its just a job.

Anonymous said...

Ackerman was named Superintendent of the Year by the Council of Great City Schools. Board Member Bill Isler is Pittsburgh's connection to the Council.

Ackerman was Broad's first Superintendent in residence and has been a teacher and mentor for years at the Broad Superintendent's Academy (Roosevelt and Lane are graduates).

Anonymous said...

Ackerman was in Philly for three years and then was bought out at 900,000 last year. Not a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Yes i think Dr. Lane should get the
most SPENDING Superintendent of the
YEAR!!!!!!!!! award she deserves it
with RECORD SPENDING other than that watch out for the BUY OUT!!!