Sunday, April 15, 2012

Reaction to earlier start times

From the PG, letters to the editor:


Questioner said...

This is one of those ideas like single gender academies that from the start is clearly unpopular and unworkable. Hopefully the plan will be changed before it becomes another big deal.

Moe said...

Questioner, you are correct. This early start idea really is as unpopular and workable as was the single gender academy idea.

The big difference is that the single gender idea only damaged one school. This early start idea will damage many schools.

I have three predictions:

Central Administration will not modify the plan.

Attendance will plummet in the first period classes.

Central Administration will then blame first period teachers for not making their classes interesting enough.

Anonymous said...

Is the goal to drive every single student that has a choice running from this school district? Things like this really make you wonder, perhaps if we eliminate the high achievers from PPS, then we will close that achievement gap.

Anonymous said...

Well, except that having only the students who can't get out left doesn't raise your scores.

You might have less of a gap, but you'll be left with all failing schools. While I can't imagine that's their goal, they're doing a good job of getting there.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Schools would run more smoothly if the kids were not in the way.

Making class schedules would be simple if students were not involved. Kids wear things out, have to eat, are not always neat, and bring along some real problems and challenges on a daily basis.

As schools start while most of the kids are still in bed, there may be some days when there is nothing but "clear sailing" all the way to 10 or 10:30 am.

Kids are not only a pain, but they are expensive too.

Anonymous said...

I got a great schedule for PPS lets
have swing shifts student can go to school either 7:00-4:00,
4:00-11:00.11:00-7:00 on top of that we schedule classes for Mon.
Tues. Wed. giving them off rest of week that should help save PPS money and also keep TEACHERS!

Mark Rauterkus said...

Yellow school buses could make six trips vs three with the swing shift schedule too. Hree trips to take one group home from the school and then three more to bring in the next group to the schools.

All after school activities then have to happen from Thursfay to Sunday.

Costs for light and heat would go down as the buildings can be shut down for 4 days per week.