Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"A brief brawl followed"

On another post Anonymous wrote:

Anonymous said...From The Eagle "a brief brawl followed the game." Did anyone from the schools talk to students about the brawl?

Written by Michaela Hammer for The Eagle

Obama Eagles vs. Allderdice Dragons Basketball Teams went head to head on Friday, February 1st, and it was very close. The Eagles finally broke the game open at the end, winning 68-56 to run their record to 13-2. DJ Porter scored 18 for the Eagles.

A brief brawl followed the game, but no one was hurt.


Anonymous said...

It was more than a "brief brawl." The Pgh. Police were even called. Players have been identified and penalized. Both coaches have also been penalized. I wonder if this will make the P-G?

Mark Rauterkus said...

I was not there.

Calling the Pgh Police might be a prudent thing to do and might not speak to the associated violence.

As of yesterday, the assistant boys basketball coach at PPS Obama, Coach Jackson, lost his coaching job. Terminated. .... (for now) ....

One player at Obama sat for one game, yesterday. He did not play vs. Perry.

I'm not sure if that is the extend of the punishments or not.

Questioner said...

Was it the coach's fault in any way?

Anonymous said...

The Obama player who had to sit out a game for punching an opposing player was not suspended from school. Athletics are an extension of school. Why wasn't he suspended from school also?

Anonymous said...

"Calling the Pgh Police might be a prudent thing to do..."

Correct. Safety has to be the number one priority.

But any school employee who calls the Pgh Police is in deep, deep trouble.

School employees are instucted to call the School Police, and to never call the Pgh police.

That's because central administration can control School Police reports, but they cannot control Pgh Police reports.

I was not at the game. I have no idea why the assistant coach was fired. But if he was the one who called the Pgh Police, that action would be enough to get him fired.

Anonymous said...


cell phone video on WPXI

Anonymous said...

Various cell phone videos went around. The sad thing is that some students found the whole thing fun and exciting.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is a gravely serious matter-our DA has it in his hands.

The Pgh Police had to be called-and just shows the sad case of the sportsmanship and code of conduct in our schools.

Dare to tarnisch Obama's image?

This is a serious case that shows our schools are in very serious state affairs. Chaos!!!!!

They should BAN each team with not being able to play or forfeit games.

This is a team sport. Let both teams suffer for the consequences-it will teach parents, students and certain school communities to behave.

Where was the PPS Scueity detail?

DISCIPLINE OVER EMOTION-should be the chant for game and sportmanship.

Pgh Police have so many other crime problemsoutside of a school biliding on our streets.

We have a minimal adult population that need to be guided or criminal activity.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Pgh Police should have been called.
Yes, this was a prudent move.
This is another funny incident for high schoolers to laugh at?
Like the gig to listen to speakers at Greenway about black males and race.
We seem to being going backwards in PPS to the early 1980’s when it comes to discipline and behavior.
Are we encouraging this behavior across every aspect of education in PPS because we are afraid to discipline our kids in PPS.
So we just talk to them as a method of discipline.
What movement is this?
Again, PPS quietly deals with this and it comes out on TV when the DA has this!!!
When did it really surface-without PureReform placing it out there for us to know>

PPS is a great Bissel Sweeper hiding the rodent dirt.

Thus, we never know we have an infestation.

Anonymous said...

5;16 pm you asked where was the pps security.I was at the game and when all hell broke out 3 police officers and some security where trying to get it under controll ,thats when i noticed a african american pps k9 police office run the oppisite way.where did she go ,i dont know and if she would have had the dog with her i bet it would have not been as bad.so why do the pps police have dogs just to leave them locked up in there cars for most of the days.now for the security,i just want to tank the 3 pps police and security[not the k 9 officer who ran away] for doing there best in a bad situation.

Anonymous said...

does anyone know who was in charge of security and police that knight.was the chief or the commander there .who runs the safety dept for these evening basketball games.there should be a higer authoratey at these games to make a decision weather to call pgh police or not.good job to all who did there best that night

Anonymous said...

February 6, 2013 at 5:53 PM and
February 6, 2013 at 6:04 PM

This is so sad running the opposite direction--like a riot in the making.

Apparently, is there a Chief ever in charge for all the games scheduled??? PPS SEcurity is in disaray.

The teams will have mediation counseling to solve this issue as WPXI reports.

It is a start.

Again, Pgh Police have been called in way too manyy incidences this past year-but I am glad we can at least feel safe they will come in for us when needed.

This is so sad-but as a parent, I do not care how the call got to the Pgh Police=911 needed to be called.

Questioner said...

Absolutely, before things really got out of hand. Safety is more important than image.

Anonymous said...

the guy running the safety department is george brown and i think that him and the acting chief are on salery pay wich means they do not get paid fo overtime so he is probley home by 3;30.from my understandind when you get paid a salery they add up most of the over time you would have made and and give you the amount in your check as if you did work overtime so why dont they have to show up for after school activetys if they are getting paid for it.The acting chief makes $ 90.000[plus] the commander around $ 65.000[plus]and they work 6 hours a day.this information can be found on the pps board website

Anonymous said...

anon 6;21 if you call pgh police with out pps permission you get fired ask any pps employee

Anonymous said...

that pps k 9 police should be fired what a shame to the badge

Anonymous said...

1. PPS' canine officers (guns, drugs) are both white.

2. coaches NEED to be in control of their players AND staff AT ALL TIMES. I blame this on BOTH coaching staffs. The adults are supposed to be in charge and set positive examples.

Anonymous said...

In theory 7:29 coaches are in control, in practice how can a coach control players who might be bigger. There is no (metaphorical) big stick. What triggered the actions in the first place?

Sounds like somebody should be preparing a courageous conversation. Don't we have a consultant ready to analyze the situation and report back on how to control players, coaches and spectators?

Anonymous said...

anon 7:29 1 k9 officer is a black female who was working at the game on friday night

Anonymous said...

The Obama coach yelled to one of his players to score with 7 seconds left in the game. The Allderdice coach told his kid to back off and not foul. The Obama player tried to slam dunk it and missed. At the end of the game when the teams were shaking hands, The Allderdice Coach told the Ombama coach that was a classes move and the Ombama coach ripped of his Tie and whistle and started to roll up sleaves and acted like he was going to attack the Allderdice Coach. His behavior started the riot. This is what started the riot. I can not believe it was acualy covered up this long. I have seen worse covered up and video tapes lost to protect schools simalar to Obama. Allderdice behavior was bad, Obama's behavior was much, much worse and turned violent.

I heard that corelates to the behavior of these schools in general.

Anonymous said...

Maybe an atheltic coach can give rationale on this incident in regards to atheletics.

In my view eacxh team should be penalized as a team-which means it is a team sport period.

We cannot fine them in monetary fines as pro-sports-thus we need an athelte's point of view.

Glad 911 was called. Safety first and foremost.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:33

I am not defending PPS.

However, most salaried employees do not clock out at 3:30. Did this group? I have no idea, however to think salaried employees do not work long hours is wrong. They have different pressures than hourly employees. (including teachers). Many salary employees (central office) work stupid long hours because they don't work smart and/or create more work for themselves or department to create the illusion of them being irreplaceable or indispensable.

They are not only irreplaceable, many are unnessesary! the amount of hours worked vs results regarding PPS does not add up.

They are spinning their wheels and saving their jobs. Not sure about security. At least they finally let the Pedophile (Lellock) quit.

Anonymous said...

after reading the account provided by anon 11:51 I had to go back to see who actually won the game. It was Obama. an obama player punched an opposing player and sat for a game. an obama coach took off his tie and whistle in response to a comment. reminded me of a story I heard earlier in the year of an 8th grader removing her earrings while going into a math class in progress and calling out another female student to join her in the hall. ties, whistles, earrings...it's all the same.

Anonymous said...

And this is why the Obama assistant coach lost his job and the Allderdice head coach was only suspended for 2 games. The Obama player, however, who punched an Allderdice player should have received more than a 1 game suspension - at least a day out of school suspension also. It was a school event. These 2 teams may end up playing one another again. Imagine that. The adults must be in charge of their players. If they don't have the players' respect, you shouldn't be coaching.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the coaches have been reinstated pending investigation?

Mark Rauterkus said...

Yes. Coach Jackson is back with the team.

Friday night game is Senior Night vs. Brashear at Obama for the boys. Girls play at Brashear.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Uniontown "postponed" their game today with Obama.... I wonder why?thersgl 494

Anonymous said...

It doesn't take much for a reputation to be tarnished and it takes close to forever for one to be redeemed.

To us outsiders the handling of this is way off. If what kids have said is true, that it was a student petition that brought about the reinstatements, what message is sent? Was admin wrong to knee-jerk and dismiss and suspend before all facts were known?

Forgive me for not knowing, but is the Obama team exclusively Obama or a combo of Sci-Tech, UPrep, and Obama?

Anyone know if the superintendent covered the incident at the EFA meeting on Thursday?

Mark Rauterkus said...

Obama has kids from Uprep and SciTech kids are eligible too.

Questioner said...

About how many?

Anonymous said...

I think PPS jumped the gun and should have had some sort of hearing before they acted. The Obama asst. coach was initially dismissed. The Allderdice head coach was issued a summons for disorderly conduct - engage in fighting. (issued by the PPS school police) Now the Obama coach is back. Will the Allderdice coach's summons be dismissed as well? This was not handled well at all.

And when the Obama players appeared in front of the Bellefield building (as shown on WIIC news) in the morning when they should have been in class - what about that?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I totally missed the Obama players at Bellefield. What a strong message to send to pps young adults...You high school kids have all the power. You can get what you want by just being present and loud. You are in control of this district. Better let all the teachers know to stay on your good side otherwise a protest will break out. Sharpen those pencils for the next round of tripods.

Anonymous said...


The kids certainly comported themselves well and made a good impression. That does not decide who was at fault though.

Maybe the message is actually if you ask nicely you get what you want.

Anonymous said...

Yes, perhaps there was an error of judgment made and a polite, considered presentation of them made a difference.

That's a little difference between kids standing up for a coach and kids trying to "get" a teacher.

Was anyone at the next Allderdice game? Heard a parent went after a W'house student.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Trivia as per a prior question:

Obama boys basketball team has about 4 kids from Sci-Tech and 8 or 9 from each Obama and U-Prep. So, all three schools are part of the mix.

I'm sure that the team make-up is based upon basketball ability and not some quota system.

Playoffs are just around the corner.

Obama's boys and girls both won games last night over Westinghouse. Boys score 73-70. Playoffs are around the corner.

Obama boys plays a game with Upper St. Clair soon.

Anonymous said...

Let's have a Courages Conversation

The only reason the Obama Assiatant Coach has a Job, is because of his Race.

White coaches have been dismissed for less.

For Pete's sake the man started the riot. What a great example for our students.

He should held to the same standard as all coaches. But through out accountability because of his race.

At least their is some justice, Perry knocked Obama out of the City Championship