Thursday, February 14, 2013

School board seats opening

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Personnel board changing at Pittsburgh Public Schools | TribLIVE
At least three Pittsburgh Public Schools board members will not seek reelection this year creating the greatest turnover on the board since 1999 as the ...


This is the end of decades and decades of the same historical ‘red rick.”

Fink is going- going be gone. We still have THREE TO FOUR generations of her family working in the district.

McCrea kept his promise to the former Mrs. Annis-(God rest in peace) on her death bed to take her place in politics-this case Brd of Ed. Annis' daughter has moved outside of the City and her political strength is gone within the city ranks.

Moreover, even the PR Lady-has moved onto health care.
The winds of war are gone.

To make a complete change Lane could leave in January 2014 or earlier.

One and all let us have some good candidates-


Anonymous said...

Getting out while the getting is good! The rats are jumping ship. Will Lane go when her contract expires?

Anonymous said...

Working as a Board Member today in this new world of education is “a lot of work” with no pay-but it can have Perks!!!! Many eye this position for political power looking -as a true trooper for our future-our children. Oh, Really? It would be great if they help non-connected people?

Many have aspirations for their families and spouses for careers in education or to keep their careers in education until they reach the ripe age of retirement.
Plus, many-elected school Board members owe many political favors because-many acquired their jobs through their local political machine connections or monetary contributions. Like the story---Yes, remember me-I made huge political contributions to other Allegheny County bigwigs-so I have a political family in the city and county that is like a huge voting bloc. See, I have a niece, that is 24 yr. old-see she is an Art Teacher-I do not want her in the city schools-even though her Mommy works at PPS-she is too good for PPS- but QVSD is where we want her to work. She works as perm sub-now just a building day-to- day sub because her Grandma has the weight to throw the money to keep her working-school board member has to pay back.
Yes, It had its perks in Fink’s heyday. Over 30 years of her service-that serviced her family members’ healthcare to pension retirements-to the great later years of their lives in comfort from poverty.
Let’s see--Many of her intermediate family members including herself through her husband- benefited from her. They have great pensions in their pockets. Her son-in-laws, in-laws, daughters, and grandchildren-all nepotism to acquire their jobs –but to keep their jobs in this new rapid educational reform. They have benefited with this “elected connection.” They are set for life-they can retire for her non-paying elected office for at least a million in benefited job perks from the Board of Ed.
We are not saying they are not great or good workers or at the worst sliders-it is a fact-Fink made it work. This nepotism should have been reported and articulated for public consumption in news print and talk rsdio or whatever method. Give the names-let it be known it is public domain. Again, I will reiterate maybe her entourage of family PPS employees are good employees. But, a lot of taxpaying dollars went into their pockets for 30 or more years.
Many people run for this office for the fact to place their families in plum jobs for life.
This is not just the Local Yokel politics of Pgh, Pa. Nevertheless, around the US=school members make many new hires acquire plum jobs.
Because it is politics at its best with their no pay jobs.
They can make moves that make nepotism in the highest form of employment law a backdoor case in courts, but a way to apply for comfort for the rest of life.

Anonymous said...

Gates takes over PPS!
Buffett takes over Heinz!
FBI seizure of Pittsburgh police files linked to probe into use of funds. (The great watchdog group of
Police Review Board full of cronies’.
FBI should seize the records at the PPS ADM-PPS has some great programs that turned the district into a several great programs for national recognition.
Well, if we cannot elect officials that do not take control of things like the current members at the Board, especially City Hall with the elected City Officials------
We need to rethink their agendas are not our agendas-
When the FBI comes in-it is serious, there is no political gain.
The problem is not the head honchos of the big organizations of the police and PPS ADM- the big political heads that are elected that cannot see to it that the people that are hired to work in the positions need to be looked at their for job functions and what they Really get paid for as their job duties.
With PPS it is the consultants!!
Both of the topics are intertwined here because they require the employees to be in charge of Safety.
Except, Buffett adds a little spice to the topic-Heinz means a lot to me-I have been all over the world-when I see a Heinz ketchup bottle it makes me feel I am at home-its Pittsburgh!!!
Probably, Buffett wants the Ketchup to flow faster out of the bottle-just like his educational indicatives’ Are better. A Buffett goal!!

People are jockeying for all the Pgh political elected positions! They are really jockeying!
Some things we cannot control-but we can control if we vote for change-we have a chance finally at our hands.

Anonymous said...

Questioner: What kind of rationale do you use when choosing what to post and what not to post?

Questioner said...

Comments that include name calling, libel, accusations against students or which are repetitive/ duplicative are not posted.

Anonymous said...

I have always seen fairness at this blog, as well as facts. I have learnt a lot from the contributions.
Yes, all the info is public domain in regards to Public legislative minutes on all government levels.
The problem is like a Federal Congressional Bill, one has to look through countless pages to connect all the dots.
This is why the public cannot spend the time to make it all connected to one single unit.
Especially, when many intelligent taxpayers with common sense are trying to reach out for the truth. Additionally, when they see the injustice at varied levels.
When you have non-profit watchdog groups-they have funding from Big non-profits. Or, you have appointed watchdog groups with appointees from elected officials.
We have are a country of finesse at times.
Thus, where the little people are as we all are in the big picture-where can we go to connect the dots for our children?
We are losing jobs in Pittsburgh City Proper-and it appears many Pittsburgh companies are global-we have many government jobs that are taxpayer funded-education, the City services and county services!!
Thus, we are funding government paychecks-while our paychecks are disappearing at a faster rate.

I can remember going on a field trip to Heins and receive my green pickle with 57 engraved on it. It was a Pittsburgh plant that had Pittsburghers in jobs.

Or going to the airport on a family trip to know that USAir meant a Pittsburgh company that hired Pittsburghers.

I love Pittsvurgh and love PPS for my family-there are a lot of great things going on there. We need to make the difference and bring in great people to make it greater.

Anonymous said...

One could only hope that Lane, Lippert, and their followers flee soon too. A mess has been created and they are spinning their wheels. Teachers and employees are told to trust. Trust is not something you can be told to do, it is something that is built. It's just so sad that kids had to suffer and lose out through all of these politics. Equity is preached but not really practiced. These people need to search within their hearts and realize the damage they have done just to build up their own names to get national recognition from the Broad and Gates foundations. The culture has been destroyed beyond repair and only a new regime could reverse this trend. Bring in change and everyone within the ranks as well as parents will be singing like the worker's at the Castle in the Wizard of Oz!

Anonymous said...

Now is the time for people to put their money where their mouth is and vote Board Members into office that care about the District in "totality", not just their little enclaves. I don't live in any of the Districts where current board members are reportedly not seeking re-election, so the future is in your hands - constituents of those Districts - to ensure that we have a Board that is cohesive, aren't "rubberstampers", and know how (and aren't afraid)to ask the tough questions and have some expertise and knowledge about education, curriculum, school budgets, and the like so that the children of this District get the education they deserve.

Anonymous said...

The FBI really would not frighten the leadership of PPS. Solicitor Ira Weiss is well-versed in federal investigations.

His battle against the Securities & Exchange Commission and Internal Revenue Service - documented in SEC v. Weiss - is legendary. The SEC's successful prosecution of Weiss for negligence as a school bond attorney is THE case that defines appropriate professional responsibility of bond counsel.

Anonymous said...

what does 8:56 mean? how is it relevant? why would Lane and Lippert flee? is there anyone who can get to the bottom of the deteriorating failure of PPS to educate the majority of this city's children?

what can be done to stop this horrible decline?

Anonymous said...

The right board changes could bring about--
Questions leading to NO votes everytime another "consultant" is requested
A vote of NO CONFIDENCE in their "mis-managed curriculum"
A board who as a group wants a productive learning environment-- this isnt even good business to have constantly haraassed, clinically depressed people dealing with your children
A return to the time when PSCC, the superintendent's grass roots committee, and even the hotline communicated the community's needs to the central office on their payroll-- instead of just being a place where the top tells the taxpayers " their script"-- cause they are scripted too-- to not worry about what the people think
Board members publishing individual emails -- as when taxpayers actually had board members phone numbers-- so that they can be made aware of situations in their schools

It wasnt all that long ago that Pittsburgh had all of this--teachers wrote curriculum, union brainstormed to solve issues , supervisory staff made sure teachers had what they needed to teach-- materials, training, etc. Teachers ,adminstrators, even board members met and had lively discussions instead of pouring hte kool-aid!

Anonymous said...


Wow, so the administration and board are guided by an attorney that has been found negligent by the federal government?

This starts to help explain why he appeared to be asleep at the wheel when the district abandoned its aggressive bid pricing on copiers and found joy in paying TWICE the price to Xerox through a state contract.

The current Solicitor is certainly not part of the solution.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope the new Board insists that the Roosevelt/Lane/Fischetti/Weiss administration finally releases the Andrews Report on school safety.

With the recent incident at Perry in the news, I have to wonder why this report is kept so closely guarded, even held away from Board members that have asked for it.

Isn't the safety of our children a priority in this district?

Anonymous said...

if anyone has information on campaign stops or forums at which school board candidates might be participating it would be helpful to have a post to the pure blog.

it seems that with the departure of several high ranking administrators (camarda, poncelet, ripper, fischetti) the district could benefit from exit interviews, but nobody likes to burn bridges.

Anonymous said...

Did Fischetti leave? When ? Why?

Anonymous said...

February 15, 2013 at 7:40 PM

Fischetti is going to work for a Healthcare Company with expertise.

She will be gone probably by July as the latest.

All the odd number districts are up for election-that is 5 new Board members at tht tops.

The Deadline is in mid March Sheeley has not filed as well as Sumpter!

That is a large numer!!!

Anonymous said...

Big money corrupts.

The district forgot all about academics when Roosevelt was hired. Here was a life-long politician being hired to a position in which he had no business and yet, thanks to his name, the board happily hired him.

His goal was to turn a public school district into a corporation. He did that. From an administrative arm that sought to break the backs of assembly line workers and their union, to the streamlining of "management" that entailed dictating curriculum, seeking huge windfalls of cash (no matter what the agenda was) to controlling public thinking via public relations.

So he finally left, and Lane took over.

The point is, that unless you completely clean house and somehow get true believers like French, Lippert, Otuwa and many, many others out of PPS---and subsequently make the public admission that what you have done over the past 7 years has been a series of giant mistakes that cost PPS students and Pittsburgh families--and then tell Gates and others to keep their money.....and unless you have the chutzpah to tell foundations and Pitt's IFL to stay out of the education aspect of PPS----then all you will have will be different names, but more of the same.

Nothing is going to change, friends. There are too many people lining their pockets.