Thursday, February 21, 2013

Privatization of public schools

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This is a very interesting and concise article that sgould be presented as a blog entry-the short reading illustrates a very valid point. Do certain PPS people have their IRA accounts as blind trusts in consultant companies?

I do feel the big money people like Gates need to be looked at thru the other end. This monsy scheming at the best for lining insider pockets at the expense of our children and taxpaying dollars.

Privatizers Now Targeting Pittsburgh Public Schools « Diane ...

The Pittsburgh Public Schools have given a $2.4 million contract to two consulting companies to deal with the district's equity and financial issues ...

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Anonymous said...

Can anyone NOT see the profit motive here? This is a giant ponzi scheme, and because schools in the past werent perfect, the snake oil salesmen are carpet bagging all the way to the bank. Can we stop them? They waltz in, listen to your concerns, and then trash their little postits and posters as they line the pockets of those above them. Maybe urban areas could join together.