Sunday, February 24, 2013

Andy Warhol/ Alums offer options to PPS

Info from the Andy Warhol School/ Alum group:

Options offered by the group to PPS: 

1. AWSVPA will line up financing for PPS for the remodeling and reopening of
Schenley with the AWSVPA curriculum 
2. AWSVPA will buy the building outright for $5.3 Million and reopen 
Schenley as a private school with up to 500 full tuition scholarships for local 


Questioner said...

Additional information about the curriculum and financing- worth careful consideration:

A. The curriculum is NOT in competition with CAPA.

B. The curriculum consists of 4 unique educational tracks. The tracks are unlike any other high school program in Pennsylvania and most of USA

I. Computer Animation Production - CMU ETC and EDMC contrubuting to the curriculum

II. Video Game Design and Production - Contributing CMU ETC, EDMC and #1 Best Selling Author on Amazon for Game Production (15 books in the series)

III .Cinema and Audio production - Contributing to the curriculum Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Mr.s Smalls Recording Studios and Rostrum Records.
IV. Co- Enrollment Program with Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre. This is the extent of our "performing arts" track at this point and in no way conflicts with CAPA.

C. The core mission statement for AWSVPA is to provide not only unique educational opportunities for students but real life experience. Our plan calls for 2 full time professionals focused only in obtaining internships for our Jr. and Sr. students enrolled at the school. We have already established a relationships with Schell games, Rostrum Records, Mr. Smalls Recording Studios, Pittsburgh Filmmakers, Full Sail University and CMU.

D. We plan to bring gaming, computer animation, IT, Film Production and Music production companies into the Pittsburgh inner city to create long term employment opportunities for our graduates.
More details at

E. In 2013 PPS is spending $56 Million on debt repayment. 11% of the annual budget. $36 Mil in principal repayment. $20 Mil interest repayment. Schenley alumni are offering a plan to PPS for financing specifically for the remodeling of Schenley ($16 Million Verified by the top developer in Pittsburgh and by the City as the requirement to meet City codes.)

F. We are also willing to include with the financing of the remodel, the initial operating budget to reopen the school. At 2%-4% financing, this is literally "free money" to the school district.

Mark Rauterkus said...

How about this LIE from WPXI?

Questioner said...

They see the first few speakers and leave; lazy. Lots of Schenley supporters spoke passionately after the neighborhood people who are SO concerned about PPS finances. Even more supporters in the audience cheering them on.

Anonymous said...

D above in Questioner's post notes "Pittsburgh inner city" and makes me want to get on board. If Pittsburgh is to make any kind of turnaround it must begin with the city proper and a commitment like the one proposed is difficult to ignore as a potential beginning.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Pittsburgh Public Schools has a board with 4 black members and 5 white ones. That is how they voted tonight, 5-4. The 5 white members, a majority on the board, yet a minority when it comes to the color of the students in the district's schools, voted to sell the Schenley High School building for $2M more than its current debt of $3M.

I hate to play the "race card" --- and others (even named Mark) don't mind doing so. But tonight the 4 of the minority were clearly trying to make a stand and were frustrated. Me too.

What is worse, three of the sell votes are bugging out and not expected to return in the years to come.

"Bye, bye, Schenley High. We drove the Chevy to the levy but the swim pool is dry."

Questioner said...

It is hard to think of any 5-4 vote that has worked out well in the long run.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad I am moving out of state. This is insane.

Anonymous said...

Please please, take your proposal and innovative curriculum and bring it to the Pittsburgh AREA -- the city is about lining te pockets of politicians. Yes, Schenley is a super building, and location, but today technology and innovation could education our youth for the future. May this be a call to the business community and taxpayers. There is a big world outside of Pittsburgh. May you flourish out in the real world-- Pittsburgh WAS a leader in education-- words like world class-- NO ONE says that today.