Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Andrews report

On another post Anonymous wrote:

"New topic-maybe
The Andrews report--what is it and why oh why won't Dr. lane share this if it was funded by public money? Can we get a courtorder for it? Talk about the sunshine law! Mr. brentley was seriously wonderful at the board meeting-- now how can we help him?"


Anonymous said...

Mr. Brentley has been asking for it for three years.

Anonymous said...

This is very helpful for anyone wanting to know about sunshine laws. It would seem a simple email to the ACLU would answer some questions at least.

Anonymous said...

The stated reason is that there is a pending legal issue in the courts at this time.

Anonymous said...

Attorney Weiss might need to think of a better answer than that. In the hearing to dismiss Chief Fadzen the district kept the Andrews Report out of the procedings because it alleged had no relevance to Fadzen. Which is it counselor, as that is the very legal matter you point to now as the reason you won't release it.

Here's hoping that with the new Board seated they secure the report, work through the results to make our children safer, and show Ira Weiss the exit sign. There are plenty of honest school law attorneys available that will understand they work for you, not the other way around.

Real change will not happen with that.

Anonymous said...

That's a great point Anon 2:14. Hopefully someone will provide the incoming Board the transcripts from SEC vs. Weiss and the indictment for Vince Fumo so they understand what they are dealing with.