Thursday, November 21, 2013

Clayton alternative school seeks extension

From the PG:


Questioner said...

From the article:

"The idea behind Clayton is to remove students whose behavior prevents other students from learning in their home schools, give them the supports they need to learn to behave and do well at Clayton and then return them to their home schools."

This is another of those times when the PG really needs to dig deeper. HAVE disruptive students been removed from the classroom? Are classrooms noticeably improved compared to the way they were before Clayton? Is it true that students with an IEP cannot be sent to Clayton, and if so, does that greatly reduce the number of disruptive students eligible for Clayton? Is there a better solution? And what specific arrangements are being made for the company running Clayton to train regular PPS staff so that the district can provide an alternative setting more economically in the future?

Anonymous said...

As an interested parent I used to have some knowledge of Clayton's purpose and operating procedures. The school has somehow gone under the radar for me, either because I don't know any kids there now or have not witnessed a distraught parent make a statement about how it was going for their kid. I do know they never reached the expected enrollment.
Is there anyone who would consider Clayton a win for pps?

Anonymous said...

Is Howard Bullard still the principal there? I know he is the athletic director at Sto-Rox.

Anonymous said...

What about PPS Student Achievement Center (used to be Letsche)? Isn't that an alternative school run by the district and staffed with PFT staff.