Saturday, November 16, 2013

Propel Hazelwood vote

On another post Anonymous wrote:

"Sorry to have to use the site to get answers, but it has proved successful in the past to do so.

I know that private and parochial schools do not have to follow state rules. For instance they do not have to take PSSA or Keystones. Does that also mean they do not follow Common Core?
Since charters are public schools do they follow Common Core?

Propel Hazelwood got approved because their application went to the Charter School Appeal Board in Harrisburg. Did the admin in pps drop the ball by not participating in the appeal process? Hard to follow by watching a legislative meeting but the vote was 4-4 with one abstention. I believe the vote resulted in the application getting kicked to Harrisburg. Did pps then fail to participate in the process?

We need to continue to push for strictly enforced oversight of charters, otherwise we will run out of money sooner than expected."


Anonymous said...

YES to all of your questions!

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, yes, and yes to "Anonymous" posted at 8:53.

Anonymous said...

Can we assume accountability was applied?

Anonymous said...

As much accountability as is applied at any of the 500 districts in the state. The Department of Ed has a very small staff comparatively speaking. PPS has had more staff than PDE. That should give you a sense of how much accountability can even be attempted by the state. Accountability lies with School Boards and Communities. They are closest to what is happening in their districts. PDE makes all of the information regarding the status of districts and a tremendous abundance of resources free of charge to all schools and districts for school improvement efforts. Yet, districts such as PPS choose Broad/Gates, Teach for America, and hordes of for-profit consultants.

So, assume nothing, but instead monitor and demand that your children (whether it be Squirrel Hill or Homewood) be well-educated for successful futures. Accountability rests with parents and community in the final analysis. Your children will get the education that YOU demand and for which YOU hold educators accountable!

Anonymous said...

Someone in pps should have to explain why the district did not participate in the appeal process. At minimum, additional facts should have been presented to the appeal board before they decided to grant approval. Or, if at some point pps did have input, share it. How can we, the public, be asked to make our feelings known about the oversight of charters (or current lack thereof) and our district does not step up to do its part?

Please somebody, if I don't understand the situation, set me straight.

Anonymous said...

Go to the Legislative Meeting on the PPS website.

Ira Weiss describes why it is done deal. He apologizes if he failed to explain the consequences adequately to the Board. But, there is no opportunity for appeal, he states.

Anonymous said...

Oh, long as he apologized.

Anonymous said...

Has the district put Ira Weiss' insurance carrier on notice? That's a multimillion dollar whoops on his part.