Sunday, November 24, 2013

Wilkinsburg schools spend half million on consultant

From the PG:


Questioner said...

The PG seems to cover issues with Wilkinsburg schools, but what about PPS? How much did PPS spend on consultants, and is the PPS spending any more justified?

Anonymous said...

The Wilkinsburg engagement sounds like is was modeled after Pittsburgh's Focus on Results contracts: 1) high daily rates, 2) significant travel cost, 3) vague scopes of work, making accountability impossible.

Both Mark Roosevelt and Linda Lane failed to accept goal setting, coaching, and timely evaluation of their direct reports as a Superintendent's responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Hey, its time for everyone who has no skills nor work ethic to go into the consulting business. Its free money at astronomical rates! No credentials, no goals or objectives, no work product, no time on task, no accountability! With all travel expenses, hotels, meals, etc. included? How does this happen?
Half a million for 3 years of 2-3 DAYS a MONTH of attendance in a School District?


Anonymous said...

Well, there are several consultants in Pittsburgh that we have learned about who have totaled as much as $149,000.00 for seven days of professional development in PPS?

Now one of them is back under a new name and likely to be approved at tomorrow to do work with a product that has proven not to be effective all over the state.

Can anyone explain how supposedly educated people can be so duped or irresponsible?