Thursday, November 13, 2014

Can the mayor's task force make a difference...?

From the City Paper:


Mark Rauterkus said...

Hopeless so far. Sadly, Dr. Portis has been a flop so I have been told. I tend to agree. Doing little but bat at the leaves of the tree of suffering when we need to dig in to thir roots.

Questioner said...

Curtiss + Porter = Portis?

But seriously, can you recap your comments made at the meeting Mark? There didn't seem to be anyone assigned to record and recap the public comments for the members.

Anonymous said...

While it may be too soon to say the creation of the task force backfired, the marketing focus has to be abandoned. Mayor Peduto has some big goals for growing the city's population which may be impacted by forces outside his control. He will need more than an emphasis on early childhood and the Pittsburgh Promise to get anywhere near the numbers he hopes to reach.

The most frustrating aspect of the task force operation is the apparent continued practice of---IF WE DON'T TALK ABOUT THE PROBLEMS, THEY DON'T EXIST; the often used method in pps.

Questioner said...

Foundations, etc. are so eager to support the superintendent and present a good image, that if she acts like everything is fine they are happy to treat her as if everything is fine.

It's a strategy that is good for the administration but not good for the schools.

Questioner said...

Interestingly, maybe the mayor's task force made a difference before it even met. Just the formation of a task force to look at school closings may have been a factor in the administration deciding not to close additional schools.