Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Superintendent calls for changes in funding formula

From the PG:



Questioner said...

As noted here several years ago, districts that are growing rapidly are complaining about a funding formula that leaves them with a portion of state education funding that does not account for their increased enrollment. And unless the funding pie gets a lot bigger, allocating more to districts with greater enrollment is going to mean allocating less to districts with less enrollment.

Of course in Pittsburgh most of the decrease in enrollment is due to students switching to charters, often as a direct reaction to unpopular changes made in PPS in recent years. The state is unlikely to allocate the same amount of money to PPS while covering increased charter costs, so PPS will most likely have to make do with less.

Anonymous said...

PPS BLAMES everyone else for every problem that arises. There is no one in Central Office capable of solving ANY problem, ever!

The foreseeable future includes more of the same with a serious lack of critical thinking. the blame game, and total dependence on Bill Gates, Eli Broad and Consultants by the dozens!

There is no end in sight!