Thursday, November 6, 2014

School performance profiles for 2013-14

From the PG:


Questioner said...

It would be nice to have some discussion in the article about how PPS schools performed, other than the mention that the online academy did not do well. Is performance up compared to last year? Down? Any schools with notable increases or decreases?

Questioner said...

The scores for HS and 6-12 look terrible, except for CAPA.

Once again, it would be good to have a separate score for middle school and HS in 6-12's; there is no way to compare the various 9-12 schools.

Allderdice 69.2
Brashear 53.8
Carrick 51.7
Perry 45.1

CAPA 88.8
Obama 69.6
Milliones 48.8
Westinghouse 46.2
SciTech ?

Questioner said...

Comparing scores from last year:

Allderdice 71.8
Brashear 54.7
Carrick 58.9
Perry 43.3

CAPA 82.2
Obama 71.0
Milliones 49.3
Westinghouse 43.4
Sci Tech 72.5

Noticeable increase at CAPA and decrease at Carrick, otherwise results are similar last year and this year.

Anonymous said...

What you really need to post here are the Reading, Math, Science and Writing SCORES!

The School Level Scores add on lots of extra points for a variety of reasons.

The Science/Biology scores at Westinghouse and Milliones show that nearly 95% of the students are NOT PROFICIENT!

In Reading and Math nearly 70% of the kids are NOT PROFICIENT!

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, UPrep is referred to as Pittsburgh Milliones when it bottoms out in it's non-proficiency.

Anonymous said...

A very important observation 7:32. You have to wonder at the source and the reason.
Remember, these SPPs are from the PA Dept. of Ed, so they are only reporting what was submitted on the PPS information accompanying the assessments (PSSA/Keystone).

So who decided to write Milliones the submitted forms. It had to be a conscious decision and would seem to indicate they knew how poor the results would be and felt the blame should go to an African American namesake RATHER than the University of Pittsburgh.

WOW! Want to put a name to that maneuver?

Anonymous said...

Maybe the more important question is:
WHY have the University of Pittsburgh, Success Schools and Consultants from across the State FAILED over the last three years to improve achievement at University Preparatory @ Milliones?

WHY? Is it because of curruculum? instruction? teachiing? leadership? relationships? central office? consultants?

(And NO it is not the fault anyone outside of the school, so don't go there!)

Anonymous said...

Its called 11:48____out of sight(UPrep), out of mind.

Anonymous said...

Carrick's decrease was a direct cause of the administration. Chakey would not allow the math department to get calculators.

Questioner said...

It is part of a strange reform which has decided that instead of books, calculators, school nurses and librarians we need consultants and bonuses for administrators. And lots of administrators.

Questioner said...

And lots of marketing about how the needs of the whole child are now being met. (?!)