Monday, November 24, 2014

Today's Public Hearing speakers (November 2014)

NOVEMBER 24, 2014
6:00 P.M.

1.Bonnie Spoales - Individual
Continuing Vandalism from Fulton School Students

2.Allyson Delnore - Parent
Fulton Magnet Status

3.John Harris - Individual
Rogers School

4.Rahzyaunna Jordan - Student
Pittsburgh Obama
My Personal Experience as a Reading Warrior

5.Mandy Simons - Parent
Leveling and Class Size at Minadeo and Districtwide

6.Jean Schulte - Parent
Class Sizes at Minadeo

7.Laura McCarthy - Parent
Class Sizes at Minadeo

8.Dr. Johnson Martin - Individual
Data Input

9.Andrea Erven-Victoria - Parent
School and Family Relationships

10.Sarah Woodley - Parent
Discipline in Schools

11.Anna Scheid - Parent
Violent Classroom Disruptions

12.Molly May - Parent
School Culture

13.Marce Nixon - Student
How Pittsburgh GLO Raises Awareness

14.Kayla Humphries - Student
The Structure of GLO

15.Rachael Bethel - Student
Bullying and Pittsburgh GLO

16.Pamela Harbin - Parent
Community Schools

17.Harrison Smith - Student
Pittsburgh Allderdice
Service Learning

18.Thaddeus Pellegrini - Student
Pittsburgh Allderdice
School Libraries

19.Jahnik Kurukulasuriya - Student
Pittsburgh Allderdice

20.Dighan Kelly - Student
Pittsburgh Allderdice

21.Nolan Dickey - Student
Pittsburgh Allderdice

22.Jordan Abbott - Student
Pittsburgh Allderdice
Budget Appropriation of the School District

23.Adam Barsouk - Student
Pittsburgh Allderdice

24.David Frisch - Student
Pittsburgh Allderdice
Service Learning

25.Shoshanna Shear - Parent
Declining Enrollment

26.Debra Srogi - Parent
Community Schools

27.Chandra Stewart - Parent
Parent Concerns at CAPA

28.Christina Russell - Parent
Pep Rally Parents

29.Jovohna Cosby - Individual

30.David Breingan - Individual
Parent Mentor Program

31.Suzanne South - Parent


Anonymous said...

Did anyone get to attend? How was it? I am curious about what the Minadeo parents had to say. It says a lot that they showed up to speak, but no one from U Prep. I know it is all relative, but the problems at Minadeo seem small compared to U Prep, yet they were well represented. The squeaky wheel gets the grease though, right?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone mentioned this incident at Minadeo?

The 2 students were cited for "tumultuous
behavior." That certainly is a new one for PPS! The toy guns were discharged inside a classroom also.

Anonymous said...

The pellet gun used is no toy! Here is an image:

To show the power of the weapons fired inside Minadeo, take a look at the damage inflicted (photo taken from google images)

Anonymous said...

Minadeo-- mini-thread--it is really disturbing that bunches of adults are commenting on the airsoft guns and saying the students shouldn't be disciplined in the comments section of the trib article. They were playing with them in a classroom! Another student was shot in the back--fun fun--and then they or others n this blog will be complaining that these kids aren't getting a fair shot of education when they are lacking in middle school and high school. Let's blame the teachers for their shortcomings when the test scores are low! Because these kids came to school to "work and learn" as the promise pledge says-- right!

Victoria said...

Air soft guns are very dangerous. My son went to Minadeo 5 years ago. I would have freaked out and called the news myself if that happened when he was there!

Anonymous said...

Truth be told, it wouldn't have happened at Minadeo 5 years ago because the former principal provided clear expectations for a safe learning environment unlike the principal who replaced her. That's a fact from a parent whose children attended this school under both principals.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember Ms. Getty.

We moved our kid to a private school that we couldn't afford in 6th grade. My husband worked directly for Roosevelt & Lane. He knew too much.

They didn't care and we had to get out.

Anonymous said...

The current principal is weak and lives outside the district. Enough said. Time to get organized!!!

Anonymous said...

Principals don't have residency requirements?

Data entry, clerical and most central office people are required to lIve in the PPS district. Even high level computer/technology jobs, which are hard to fill, have residency requirements!

I am fine with teachers living outside the district, but 6 figure adminisrators should not be exempt.