Wednesday, November 19, 2014

CP coverage of A+ report: U Prep and Westinghouse lag


Anonymous said...

Is this a joke? I am a parent of a student at UPrep. Well I was a parent of one who went there. I almost ran out of there one day because it was so crazy. Then I realized I left my baby behind. I ran back in and got her, and then transferred her the next week. Everyone's hugging everyone giving out pizza for being some type of concern or something. My daughter tells me the badder you are the more prizes you win. Anyone out there listening who is a parent of a student or any other type of person at that place- GET THEM OUT OF THERE!

Anonymous said...

I have a friend who works at UPrep. I can't believe some of the stufff she has shared with me. The place is CRAZY. The staff is mistreated and the principal is in way over his head. The kids are running the place. WHY Dr Lane are you ignoring this school? It is tragic. You are ignoring the city's most needy children. How can you even look in the mirror? And why are you stairs to remove Mr Hardy? He needs to go. The school needs real leadership.

Questioner said...

On another post Anonymous wrote:

"My daughter said that their were two different students jumped at u prep today. I am so sick of my daughter being in danger. They really need to fire those administrators! She said [name deleted] grabs the kids and man handles them into the walls!