Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Exit exams

On another post, deegazette wrote:

My opposition to exit exams comes from a taxpayer's perspective. We CAN'T afford them right now. I thought we had dodged that bullet for the foreseeable future. I make it a rule to not disparage on blogs but here's an exception: Tell those knuckleheads in Harrisburg to back off and invest in education initiatives that have more positive impact.

August 18, 2009 9:21 PM


Questioner said...

In terms of wasting money, it seems like there would "outs" such as doing loosely defined special projects- so for all this money there would be no guarantee that students even passed the exam!

Anonymous said...

It seemed that Senator Orie had enough support to push this idea off for years and yet, it has come to pass. My continued concern with regards to testing on top of testing and the idea of "teaching to the test" is that students are not really receiving an education. They are being programmed in terms of what to know and how to think. I appreciate instances where students are taught to be more inquisitive, to explore, or to apply their learning to the world around them. As is, we are bordering on brainwashing kids.