Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lawsuit involving harrassment

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Sexual Harassment Article in PG


Is anyone else bothered that the leadership in this new 6-12 school will be the same administrators and counselors in this article about Frick? If people are truly concerned about 11 year old girls being in the same building as 18 and 19 year old young men (I know, I know, they're in different wings), why aren't parents up in arms about this article? Parents and a few teachers have expressed similar concerns about this kind of behavior being tolerated way too much at Frick. A couple teachers have even told me that their attempts to intervene in similar situations have often been ignored or even twarted by the principal. Is anyone out there discussing this?


Questioner said...

It's hard to know from the article whether the reported harrassment was mainly "sexual" or whether it was more based on weight and would have happened even if the student had been male. Whether or not sexual, the harrassment would be very painful.

It does seem like this kind of problem is greatest in junior high, and that as students move to high school much of this childish behavior is left behind. The traditional transition to new buildings and new programs for high school may well have helped this process.

In any event, PPS materials often refer to PPS providing a "safe, supportive learning environment." Maybe a discussion of concrete examples like this will provide insights into how to make this ideal a reality.

Anonymous said...

Would it be appropriate to take the PG article to a PSCC meeting and ask how a similiar situation would be handled in your kid's building? Seems like a logical step.

Anonymous said...

Except that Frick parents would probably need to just ask how any harrassment will be handled.

Mark Rauterkus said...

My $.02: There was a 'claim' of harrassment. IMNSHO, (pun intended) "It is thin." That's a joke -- squared.

BTW, I'm not concerned.

Globally, I know there are better launching off points to start disscussions and raising worries.

Nuff typed. Headed to BOE tonight for a 4:30 pm meeting about 2010 summer. Perhaps I'll see ya there.

mom of 2 said...

With all the talk about anti-bullying programs, I have to wonder how all of this stuff still goes on and no adults ever seem to see it when it happens. Kids are awfully sly about their torment of others who come off as weak or vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

Help in these situations benefits the bullier as much as the bullied, maybe more.

Anonymous said...

Middle school students aren't going to get any nicer- they're hormonal, socially awkward and intensely peer driven. There will never be an ideal world where kids aren't teasing others. I definitely think it's ok to ask the principal about how bullying is handled in the school. I also plan to focus on boosting the self confidence of my kids and teaching them emotional resiliency so that they can handle a little teasing without falling apart.