Friday, August 7, 2009

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Mark Rauterkus said...

It is time to play water polo. At Schenley in the fall, at JCC Monroeville in the evenings in August, at Citiparks' Hill District's Ammon Rec Center pool in days in August (11 am), and elsewhere.

Let's talk about productive, fit, challenges for our kids beyond the school year and school day.

What did you do this summer for enrichment? What's up next?

Are you and your kid going to run the Great Race?

deegazette said...

HEY, the Brookline Breeze is on for tomorrow. A wonderful opportunity to get to know a Pittsburgh Neighborhood. Lots of activities all day. A nice shopping area to walk while you shop.

Anonymous said...

Sexual Harassment Article in PG

Is anyone else bothered that the leadership in this new 6-12 school will be the same administrators and counselors in this article about Frick? If people are truly concerned about 11 year old girls being in the same building as 18 and 19 year old young men (I know, I know, they're in different wings), why aren't parents up in arms about this article? Parents and a few teachers have expressed similar concerns about this kind of behavior being tolerated way too much at Frick. A couple teachers have even told me that their attempts to intervene in similar situations have often been ignored or even twarted by the principal. Is anyone out there discussing this?

Anonymous said...

The Title IX audit results should have surely been announced by now. Remember the Board made a big deal out of this "self-audit" they paid Peggy Pennepacker $10,000 for. I don't know of one person who ever saw the woman. The Board shouldn't need this much time to take her "results" and put their own PR spin on it.