Thursday, March 11, 2010

Compare Parkway West career center

From the PG:

"Parkway West provides vocational training for 12 school districts in the western, southern and northern suburbs" and "teaches everything from hairdressing to computer graphics to auto mechanics. It is a $5.7 million item..."

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It would be interesting to compare offerings, logistics, and the price per student for Parkway West to the proposed $38M plan for PPS.


Questioner said...

Is there any reason the district could not use Westinghouse as a similar center for career education, rather than shuttling students among schools in the middle of the day?

At the community dialogues, participants expressed very strong interest in a separate center for career education. The consultant seemed to conclude that a separate center would be too expensive, but the Moon center is a small fraction of the CTE plan for PPS.

Questioner said...

The same article also mentions Moon's "alternative school budget" which seems to be for "disruptive youth" budgeted at $1.03M.

Again, a comparison of costs, etc. with the PPS program (CTE) could be useful.

Questioner said...

Here is an impressive list of the career training offered at Parkway West:

Mark Rauterkus said...

Forbes presents another option / model in the eastern side of the city.

Various school districts, such as Penn Hills, send some of their kids there for specialized classes. That has been open since I was in High School (77 grad).