Monday, March 29, 2010

East end planning

On another post, the following Tribune article was pasted:

Since the newspapers prefer to have links rather than articles posted (due to copyright issues), we will remove the article from the other post and rely on this link.


Mark Rauterkus said...

What is the status of the Open East End Advisory Pannel? When will that report be delivered?

Any updates?

Annette Werner said...

The draft report will soon be sent to all open panelists for final comments. A meeting with the administration has been requested, and then the report will be presented to the Board.

Questioner said...

This article quotes Mr. Lopez as saying, "What we've been doing in the east historically has not worked for the children."

That would be true for many east end children at Allderdice as well. Only 25% of African American students at Allderdice were proficient in math, not a lot better than the 20% of African American students at Peabody proficient in math- and if results were controlled for income the results might well be even closer. Will what we have been doing historically continue only at Allderdice?