Monday, March 1, 2010

Evaluating charter schools

Blog post looking more closely at performance statistics from Harlem Village Academy. The issues raised are relevant to charter performance, magnet performance, basically any situation where schools do not have to keep students who fall short or attendance, behavior or homework standards.

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whatnext said...

I am continually astounded how media reports hype the level of support charters are getting from Arne Duncan. If you listen long enough you would come to believe making struggling schools into charters by hanging a sign with the school's new name was all that is needed to make the school a top performer. Listen longer and you might come to believe replacing the principal is all that is needed to turn a school around.
I thougth we would see logic on education and modifications to NCLB that made sense from this administration. I will be giving up reading about advances and changes because I am beginning to feel like we are all following the federal model. The next grant should come with no instruction other than "do what you believe will work for the customer base you have after asking the customer what he wants."