Tuesday, March 16, 2010

One year planning period

We are told that at last night's Public Hearing there was unified, articulate, often impassioned testimony from about 15 people for the purpose of WAITING ONE YEAR before closing ROONEY and moving forward with reorganization of North Side Schools. There were also a few requests for rethinking Hill District decisions particularly the closing of VANN.

Two common themes in the testimony before the Board and Administration dealt with the following:

1) Improving education and creating quality schools in PPS as the way to stop flight from Pittsburgh Public Schools to other regions, charters, parochial, and private schools;

2) Soliciting input and listening to parent and community perspectives/solutions PRIOR to making decisions.


Questioner said...

Vann is one of the four open PPS that have enough remaining asbestos that the district monitors air quality monthly. Another Hill school with significant asbestos plaster, the former McKelvey School (now Miller African Centered Academy), is scheduled to stay open.

parentof2 said...

Interesting! Asbestos containing schools in certain areas can stay open and (to beat a dead horse) Schenley...well we all know how that went....very interesting.
The idea that the board would make a decision AFTER public input makes sense to anyone and everyone who is NOT on the board. THEY DO NOT WANT OUR OPINIONS THEY ONLY WANT TO PRETEND since they must have public input sessions!!!