Thursday, August 25, 2011

City League teams to travel significantly more

From the Tribune:


Bronco Nagurski said...

I'm struck that Langley can probably go by SUV if the last article about them a week or so ago is correct, Last I read, they had 8 players.
I'm also struck that hey, we can always furlough some janitors, tech department staff or para-professionals to pay for these trips.
Has a City League team won outside of conference in the past 20 years? Ever?

Questioner said...

Some of those interviewed offer an optimistic take on the situation, but with so many kids struggling academically is added travel time really a good thing? And who will pay the travel costs (will they be paid out of savings from the school closings that have created this situation)?

Anonymous said...

I thought that the "savings" from school closings was going towards the deficit that came from Corbett's belt-tightening and general fiscal mismanagement.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to go off topic, but I feel that readers of this blog need to be aware of the outside political forces working against public education.

In the most recent monthly newsletter from my state representative, Chelsea Wagner, is an invitation to join A+ Schools and volunteer with her in improving Pgh Public Schools. Here is a person who never stepped foot in a public school, was taught by nuns, and wants to be judge and jury. She already legislates the crap that she wants to judge. In addition, she and her family, are major supporters of the President of the Board, Sherry Hazuda. Tell me if that is not a conflict of interest!?!