Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Furloughs of teachers aids planned

From the PG:


Anonymous said...

obviously seeing the live airing of the board meeting does not give the full picture. what is up with the parent engagement specialists? were postions furloughed? will the duties and outreach they provide become a function of a teacher, counselor, secretary, activities' director?

on the athletic and co-curricular policy change, talk of supports to help students reach the minimum, but where will the extra support come from with fewer people to provide the extra help?

Angry Taxpayer said...

Perfect time to hire an Archivist.

What a shame.

Anonymous said...

It seems rather late to tell people that they do not have a job.
It's too late to apply somewhere else. This is very sad.

Questioner said...

PG article:

Bulldog Forever said...

Did the executives who took a day-before-the-Governor-released-his-budget pay increase give back the increases yet on a move of solidarity with the rank and file unemployed?

Wasn't the March rationale something like "they will be doing more, there are fewer of them"?

Isn't that really true at this point of just about everyone at PPS?

Old Timer said...

In light of this article, I just want to wish all teachers a good 2011-2012 school year. We've had some teacher furloughs, some furloughs of administration that were NOT the bloated positions that amount to nothing that came from Roosevelt--instead, it was mostly needed IT professionals and janitorial staff that is indispensable--and now this.
And teachers will be in the cross hairs next.
I'm at a loss to describe what an incredible disappointment Dr.Lane has turned out to be. I had no expectations of individuals like French, Lippert, Otuwa and individuals who drink the kool aid as PELAs or work in administration for each department---they are all completely useless.
But I had expected more from this superintendent. And I was wrong.
This school year, make the commitment to voting in new union leadership that will stand up to administrative outrage and will remember who it works for.
RISE and our grotesque curriculum need to be thrown out, and quickly.
Teachers need to remember who they are, and value their positions in this district.
They need to ensure that administrative bloat is cut before people who actually work in schools.

Anonymous said...

I see the Board just posted for 3 technology implementation specialists.

Questioner said...

Did the tech layoffs include implementation specialists?

Anonymous said...

Here's a novel idea: why not call back three employees that were just laid off?

Anonymous said...

Cut The Upper Ivory Types instead of working people. This is a travesty, fire Lane now

Enough is enough

power to the people

Down with all Broadies, fire them All

Then we can hire all the essential people back

Anonymous said...

Just who would fire Lane?

The school board? Yeah. Right.

What you need in PPS, like government itself, is a complete house cleaning.

It's nice to dream.