Friday, August 26, 2011

Message from Lisa Jones 4 School Board

From another thread:

"I am challenging Sherry Hazuda, PPS Board President, in this Fall's election for Board Director in District 6. I do not own a rubber stamp nor do I plan to buy a rubber stamp. I do, however, own a feather duster, broom, and dust pan and I am not afraid to use them!

Just click on Lisa Jones 4 School Board by my picture to find out more about me.

If you live in my district, i'd appreciate your support by voting for me. If you don't live in my district, i'd appreciate your help in any way you can."


Voice of Reason said...

Everyone here realizes that major change is needed if this district is to get on the right track.

I can only hope that the word gets out: If you care about public education in Pittsburgh, support the lonely voice of Mark Brentley, and support the challengers to the other board seats.

I really do believe that this is a pivotal moment. If change does not happen soon, the slide here in Pittsburgh might well be irreversable.

Good luck, Ms. Jones.

Lisa Jones 4 School Board said...

Thank you Voice of Reason. Of course I'll lend my support to the other challengers. Mark knows I support him.

Anonymous said...

And while you're at it, support Mark Sammartino in his run for PFT president.
A clean slate is needed at the PFT...and now. Even if you're not a teacher, this is pretty obvious. I would hope he'd push to first and foremost, end the association between PPS and the ivory tower types at Pitt's IFL.
Getting rid of a curriculum that fails our kids should be at the top of his list.