Sunday, August 21, 2011

This event has been canceled or postponed, but uh...

The event that was to be held on August 22 and 23:

"The entire school community at The Academy at Westinghouse is calling for 'All hands on deck' as we organize a two-day event to prepare our 320 young men for a change in school culture, high expectations, and in their overall educational experience...."

What happened to the new policy that a single gender activity may be offered only if students of the excluded gender are offered "a substantially equal" activity? Did anyone think about a two-day event to prepare the young women? See page 111 on.

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Anonymous said...

I understand this event was canceled because Lane put pressure on the prinicpal not to have it and repremanded him for such. She didnt want to be embarrased.

Lane knew that professionals would be coming into the building and would see the chaos that was going to be going on the first month. Lane also didnt want people seeing the real numbers and improper scheduling, no real seperation of genders, and middle schoolers having full contact with high schoolers.