Friday, August 26, 2011

What is really going on w/ new building sales provisions?

This week's Board meeting goes on for quite a bit about procedures for sale of closed buildings.

Prediction- the "December 31" provision will be used to justify a weak but quick offer by Pitt for the Schenley building.


Anonymous said...

What is this 'December 31' provision? Does it eliminate the bid process? If so, how is that possible when selling public property? The Pitt/UPMC/PPS connection sounds like a monopoly to me? How cozy! PPS is struggling to stay solvent and UPMC, the largest property owner in the City, has been exempted from paying property taxes. Hey, but we can at least boast that our children are promise ready even though they are not promise steady!

Wasn't one of the Board members hired by UPMC in the last 4 years?

Anonymous said...

Sell the Bellefield building! Move Lane and Co. out into the schools.