Saturday, June 2, 2012

285 layoff notices

From the PG:


Anonymous said...

Layingoff teachers to save money but paying $513K to Success Schools as consultants...I'm confused. Either we have money or we don't. The people who teach the kids everyday are (should be) much more valuable to the system.
But again, the decisions are being made by the same group of elected clowns who sold a school building for a fraction of what it is worth (and only 1 million more than was put into it to make it a temporary stop)
As for seniority: this is the only thing that protects teachers from the administrators who have little experience in the classroom but who have learned how to bully their way around the system. Yes, fire bad teacher--it can be done, but don't think a seniority as a negative. Experienced teachers teach new teachers in ways that are difficult to quantify.

Anonymous said...

**elected clowns who sold a school building for a fraction of what it is worth (and only 1 million more than was put into it to make it a temporary stop)**

Are you talking about Reizenstein?

Walnut Capital, in partnership with RCG Longview, hopes to complete the purchase of the property by the end of the year. It is buying the site for $5.4 million.


That is FAR less than they spent on fixing it up for four years of interim use. That cost was greater than 10 million.

Not to mention that the site is described as 12 acres -- and has been said that those buying it will get at least 1.5 million back selling scrap from the site.

Anonymous said...

No lay offs at 341 s. Belfield, the adminstration keeps on growing.

Especialy the office of teacher effectiveness and HR.

Common sense dictates there should be cuts in administration at all levels. But the PPS over the last 6 years of this BS reform have thrown common sense right out the window.

The morale of our teachers is at all time low, our schools have no disipline, and the sad part is this will continue and only get worse with Dr Lane and any BROAD/Gates/ Walton connection.

Our kids are the ones getting short changed, buy the waste of this administration and the last.

Anonymous said...

I should not care since I am done, but speaking of the Office of Teacher Effectiveness, does anyone but me think it is untoward that a Coordinator of OTE, Ms. Jones, is also the facilitator of the Excellence for All Parent Steering Committee? Don't get me wrong, in her capacity as a parent engagement staff person she is excellent, thorough and a skilled moderator. She definitely understands the value of parent's time and deftly manages EFA meetings. Somehow though wearing the OTE hat might give her a skewed perspective and allow for subtle influence over parents to guide them to think like the admin. Feel free to shoot me down on this if you disagree, but please have a good arguement because I don't like feeling used in battles over furlough processes or any other issue.

Anonymous said...

What is the educational level of Ms. Jones and her work related experiences-is HR screening for placements or furloughs by what factors in ADM?
A son of Board member gets another year of Summer Work for pocket change to spend-so the parents can save their own money.

Examples of seniority rights.

Anonymous said...

"Untoward" is a great word to describe the partners, funders, collaboratives, and various parent/community liaisons. But, it does make sense for PPS to be selective about their choices. Why would they choose an objective or neutral entity in any of these capacities. Notice that there is ALWAYS a direct link from PPS to those who are overtly "supportive" financially, philosophically, or in more subtly ways. Those who challenge are fired, ignored, or marginalized. Most organizations would probably do the same.

You are right to question, please do not stop. Those who do not have a vested interest in PPS as an organization are the only ones who will risk speaking out.

We need rational, intelligent, passionate critical thinkers whose ONLY interest is the education of our children to question, challenge and speak out, loud and clear!

Thanks 4:20! (Hope those with inside knowledge will post here with specifics.)

Anonymous said...

Linda Lane is destroying our district and we are standing back watching it happen because we are afraid to speak out against her because she is a african american and people dont want to be label as rascist. But heck from what i hear and see she is not doing good by african american either and they have lost respect for her. So people please speak your minds before its to late.

Anonymous said...

I agree Dr. Lane is a disapointment. We really messed over our kids with that one. I really thought as a African American woman she would be able to relate to the diversity of this district and help with the acheivement gap and lack of relationship within the Black community. But truth be told, she has little or no relationship at all. Look how she handle the Hill and Homewood community partners? This are two of our largest Black Communities, she dogged them out the worst. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

Lane is a Bro-Bot. Eli Broad trained. Signed, sealed, delivered. Just like Roosevelt.

Randall Taylor said...

The Reizenstein Building was assessed by the County as worth $23 million dollars.If the District could have attained any where near it value many jobs could be saved. If it is not too late AND Reizenstien is to be sold, it should marketed all over the world. East Liberty is absolutely booming and Walnut Capitol got a sweetheart deal, at our children's, teacher's and taxpayer's expense.

Anonymous said...

My impression was that the Reizenstein Building was already a done deal and we missed the boat. I really don't understand what they were thinking with that but if there is still some chance to change that deal then everyone should start calling and complaining. Losing this number of teachers is going to be a huge blow across the whole district. Class sizes are going to be obscene; and YES class size does matter, especially to the neediest students. Schools, students, teachers and communities are going to go through yet another wave of instability. Students’ performance will suffer, parents will have yet another reason to look elsewhere and teachers will feel less interested in building careers with PPS. Any money that could go towards avoiding these cuts should be levied NOW!!

Anonymous said...

Dr. lane lacks the understanding and commitment for a urban school district and as a result are doing the bidding for other who care less about it as well. PPS is in big trouble and we are standing around watching it happen. The teachers union is no better. They are not fighting for their teachers. It a sad state of affairs.

Anonymous said...

Lay off Fichetti, Spolar, Otuwa, Rippert and Lippert.

Anonymous said...

Did you forget French? Or do you want to keep her?

Ripper is rumored to be retiring.

And Cate Reed has been promoted again.
(A record for RISING the PPS system!)

Anonymous said...

What Cate Reed's new job?

Anonymous said...

lane is impressed with Cate Reed and feels Reed has a great understanding of the diversity of the district. Ive heard her comment on Reed's personal live as a testiment of Reed's tolerance and understanding of others. Read between the lines on that one.

Anonymous said...

They must have missed French and Lane. They are all one in the same and neither are the right person to get us out of this situation we are in. The Morale is so bad with teachers its hard to work.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but all of that "tolerance","understanding of "diversity" and "understanding if others" is missing in action. Cate Reed's presentations, proposals, and decisions are noticeable void these "understandingS."

So, what does any/all of this divulge about LL.

Experience in teaching and administration, deep experience in urban schools (not a segmented elite), extensive research, reading, and study in related areas are also not at the level needed to influence change in positive and productive ways.

Central Office is ALL of like minds. NO ONE CHALLENGES THE STATUS QUO. Instead, they all 1find consultants somewhere to come and go and blame.

Anonymous said...

Lane sure does prefer white women.

Wonder why?

Does she not trust or respect her own people?

Its kind of hard to figure.

One thing for sure, its not working for her.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...
lane is impressed with Cate Reed and feels Reed has a great understanding of the diversity of the district. Ive heard her comment on Reed's personal live as a testiment of Reed's tolerance and understanding of others. Read between the lines on that one.

June 11, 2012 7:16 AM"

It took me 3 weeks to figure this out. Cate Reed is caucasian and is married to an african american man.