Friday, June 8, 2012

Another school incident

On another thread Anonymous wrote:

Another School Incident and another thread. . .

PITTSBURGH — Two middle school students have been disciplined by the Pittsburgh Public Schools system for engaging in "inappropriate sexual acts" on a school bus.

The incident involving a 13-year-old girl and 14-year-old boy on Monday was also referred to city police, who did not immediately say Friday whether any criminal charges might result.

The students attend Clayton Academy, a private school which contracts with the city school district to provide services for students with chronic behavioral problems.

District spokeswoman Ebony Pugh says she cannot comment beyond confirming the incident and saying that appropriate disciplinary action has been taken.

A third student who witnessed the acts reported them to school officials.


Questioner said...

Are there more incidents these days, or just more being reported?

Anonymous said...

Ebony is a joke too. She is the face out front to hide Dr. lane from facing the people on any real issues. Dr. Lane is gutles and is ruining our district. Her refusal to work with our teachers who have put the time in under extremely difficult circumstance is shameful. Loyality and dedication to the kids of this district means nothing to this woman.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Lane tends to shrug these things off. She was also made aware of a student giving oral sex in a school for 5 dollars a person and she did nothing about it. This was the second time the student did it and the student was simply brought back to school with no charges or anything. Would someone please let Dr. lane know that selling sex is a crime call prostitution punishable in the state of PA. Im not sure if it is in Iowa or not. What a shame.

Anonymous said...

well French and better find a consulting firm to hire that will handle inappropiate sexual behaviors by students.....if you "shop" around, you might be able to find a firm for around $300,000

Anonymous said...

I guess it is only a matter of time that the district "leaders" spend $500,000 to hire a consulting firm to deal with inappropiate sexual actions by students. It is a safe assumption that the leaders will spend money on an outside agency to once again do the jobs that the leaders are paid to do. After all, French, Lippert, and Lane are really succussful at passing their responsibilities on to hired firms.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering the same thing. Maybe more parents are contacting the media instead of PPS (mis)handling incidents? BTW, does anyone know if Fazden is still around?

Anonymous said...

i think there need lolrostto be a recall for the Superintendent Dr. Lane for non ability to deal with sexual behavior problems,also legal action should be brought against her for not acting on the matter enclosing we have the Pgh. Promise now have the Pgh Sexual Behavior Program

Anonymous said...

June 8th @ 5:21pm

Although LL is the Superintendent, the principal is the person who should be held responsible for investigating the incident and notifying school police. I can't imagine why the student was not placed on a long term suspension or why school police did not file charges in J Court. If in fact what you claim is 100% accurate, then he question that should be asked of LL is are you holding the principal and school police chief accountable for a lack of follow through and if so, what was the outcome for failure to report?

Anonymous said...

Prostitution charges-kids are using wrong uses of their mouths and brains. OR their behavior and brains are-an adult knows what is the next word.
The news media needs to investigate.
The cbs local station-would not investigate because a certain broadcaster has a conflict of interest-children attend city schools and spouse has invested interest at a job –where the person would loose business and educational connections. Thus, technically PPS places food on their table and their children attending PPS schools-publicity of good nature for the schools.
So WTAE and WPXI would get distinguished awards for the underutilized investigation of PPS. Parents call the two stations.

Cbs local reported Friday that the female Clayton Principal was hurt breaking up a fight at Clayton-pulled from Cbs local coverage. Cbs local stated she would be attending Clayton’s Friday night graduation shown her picture.

When did Dr. Bullard finally leave and retire?

Questioner said...

No that was a Clairton (non-PPS) principal.

Anonymous said...

Sex in the bathrooms is very common. Principals choose to ignore it. Their main goal is to stay out of the 11 o'clock news.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for Clarification on Principal

But, I will reiterate about Cbs local=please parents use the other networks as local investigative reporting.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:42 June are absolutely correct the principle and the school chief should be fired.For one ,the so called acting chief did not and or have anyone investigate the incident .She was told to sweep it under the rug .Fadzen would have went and did an interview with the news to let people know what's going on and would have filed charges.My son goes to clayton and its a shame that the principle and chief would just let this go away without any repercussions.So please any parents out there call and complain to the board about the acting chief and principle,if they was hiding this ,what else are they hiding.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anon 4:33 .The acting chief should be fired for not fowling though with an investigation.What a shame they that she is only in it for the money and doesn't care about our kids safety .Who do I contact about her,besides the board .

Anonymous said...

PPS "contracts" students out to Clayton and Clayton is privately run. Shouldn't Clayton be the one dealing with this incident and not PPS (for once)?

Anonymous said...

Sad to say but criminal incidents will happen. The question is how are district officials trained to respond? Fadzen would respond as he should have as an officer of the law. This would suggest the reason for his current state with PPS officials. He did not fail to act for fear of retaliation by district officials unlike the Acting Chief who is now in charge.

No wonder why so many staff members enter blogs indicating that student behavior is out of control and principals fail to act. Now, we are held responsible through RISE evaluations. If administrators would enforce the Code of Conduct our schools would not be in the position they are in currently. Both teachers and principals should be responsible for the teaching and learning environment.

All one has to do is look at the $500,000 + contract being paid to Success Schools for 3 schools. The staff knows what needs to be implemented but it's the administration that lacks follow through with appropriate consequences. Another question would then be why aren't principals following through with appropriate consequences for outlandish student behavior? Take it back to Central Office Administrators just like Fadzen they will come under attack for being a disciplinarian who operates a safe school. Imagine that!

Let's hope that this summer will bring reflection and dialogue from Central Office Administrators and principals regarding their failure to implement Pittsburgh Pubilc Schools Code of Student Conduct. Otherwise, there will be more of the same and then some come September as class sizes rise.

Anonymous said...

Aren't the students at Clayton PPS students asssigned to Clayton by PPS because PPS does not know how to educate them in PPS schools?

The students are ALL PPS sent by PPS, therefore PPS is responsible for them.

The Clayton student PSSA scores go to their 'regular' sending schools. These students come and go throughout the year. Some stay longer than others; but all return to their schools.

Clayton is run by SUCCESS SCHOOLS ("with CEP") as a temporary alternative placement for students.

PPS Central Office visits and monitors Clayton. (CO likes the program at Clayton so much that the spent $513,000 in May to put this program into Faison, King and UPREP at Milliones as a WHOLE SCHOOL model.)


Anonymous said...


Since PSSA scores were mentioned just previously, it might be of interest to some that the PA Department of Ed has released the individual scores of every student the 2nd week in June every year for the last 10 years.

Supposedly, the PSSA scores for each and every student who took the test is NOW available to Administrators/Principals in every school.

Specifically, the scaled scores, the cut scores are available for every student. This information includes the range of scores for below basic, basic, proficient, and advanced so that schools know where each and every student falls by precise numerical scaled scores.

Possibly, a score here and there may be challenged or appealed due to some unforeseen circumstance; but, by and large the scores are accurate and tell exactly how each student scored in Reading, Math, Writing and Science.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of scores- what happened with the State investigating certain district's scores? Was PPS cleared?