Thursday, June 7, 2012

PPS student rescued on school trip

On another post Anonymous wrote:

Child rescued from pool on field trip to Claysville-and they are cutting back on teachers and classroom services

And this was all over the news-no mention of Arsenal

A third-grader at the Pittsburgh Arsenal PreK-5 school in Lawrenceville was rescued from a pool while on a field trip on Thursday with fellow students, Pittsburgh Public Schools spokeswoman Ebony Pugh said.

The student was flown to Children's Hospital in Lawrenceville after being pulled from the water by a lifeguard at the Sunset Beach Park Pool in Claysville in Washington County, Pugh said. She said the boy was in good condition at the North Side hospital.

"He can swim. He apparently got tired and went under," Pugh said.

She said the students in grades 3-5 were on the field trip as a reward for doing well on their Pennsylvania System of School Assessment tests.


Questioner said...

Here is the link:

Anonymous said...

"He can swim. He apparently got tired and went under," Pugh said."

So I guess it is the little boys fault. Her comment sounds so nonchalant, like kids "go under" routinely. Accidents happen, but the way PPS shrugs them off is insulting.

How does Ms. Pugh know his swimming skills?

Anonymous said...

This end of the year stuff is stressful.

I am sure Ms. Hazuda and Ms. Colaizzi are on top of it because they often mention spending time at Brashear and seeing the advances, camradeship, etc. and heap praise on the teacher center aspects of the operation, but does anyone know if they ever found the chicken labeled number 3? Seriously, I hope the neighborhood kids are exaggerating the craziness of the pranks that allegedly happened on Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

Why so far away?

Mark Rauterkus said...

Three cheers for the lifeguards!

Arsenal is a K-8 school now.

Getting kids to develop their swimming skills is a serious challenge for each individual. As a district, it is something that is so near and dear to me that I can hardly type here about the overall institutional conditions in this realm.

More swimming can do wonders for our kids and it has to occur.

Last year I taught about 150 kids to swim at Peabody as part of PPS Summer Dreamers. I lost my voice every day. This year, we'll have 100. Hope some are from last year too.

I was at Arsenal talking with kids, teachers and the principal about swimming a couple of weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

Very unemotional and heartless the way Ms. Pugh phrased her statement. I dont like it at all.

Anonymous said...

Pugh would have only cared if it were her son! Otherwise brush it off as though it were nothing even to report. Thank the ones that saved his life at least!

The chicken pranks were real at Brashear, put on you-tube from a student and that urine filled balloons were involved, and the principal walked in and then took a vacation day!

Anonymous said...


You must be mistaken. Arsenal is not technically a K-8. Both of the principals scheduled to return next year.

Due to the closing of Fort Pitt more elementary students will be assigned to Arsenal preK-5. Ruthie Rea will serve as the principal. Since more space will be required the middle school students will be housed in the main section of the school on the
2nd and 3rd floors. Although there is less than 150 middle school students, it is my understanding that Patti Camper will serve as the middle school principal. Imagine that a principal for less than 150 students! The Board Members need to ask, Is this a good use of taxpayers dollars? Both are PELA's so I guess we have to keep them employed. All Central Office had to do is cut another teacher and para or clerk to make this happen.

It appears that the mission of PPS is now monitoring teacher effectiveness and terminating marginal teachers instead of the actually growing teachers practices to help students learn. Too many folks who never touch a child directly are remaining employed while teachers and para's are furloughed and class sizes increase.

If you believe that class size doesn't matter well then you never were a classroom teacher. Establishing positive individual relationships with students is critical to the process in helping students learn. That's difficult to do with 25-30 students in every class with a variety of needs.

The typical middle school ELA and Math teacher will see 50-60 students a day (2 classes per day 25/30 x 2 block periods). If you teach science, social studies or a related arts class, you will see 125+ students per day. Since related ats classes typically meet only 2/3 times per week these teachers will have a student caseload of 250+ students! Now tell me how teachers of these classes are expected to know the strengths and areas in need of growth for 250+ students? This competency alone allows an administrator much latitude in deciding whether or not to place a teacher on an Employee Improvement Plan. Really?

Maybe we also need to ask the questions, how many administrators were placed on an EIP this year and how many were forced to resign or be demoted? We know of at least 3 at Westingouse but sad to say they took the fall for the incompetency of Central Office Administrators. Now that's called covering one's tracks.

Parents we need you to become engaged and support your teachers. Board members take the time to actually visit your schools and ask the staff and students about the leadership in their school? this is called engaging at a grass roots level.

Mark Rauterkus said...

I don't know the details of Arsenal. Thanks for the insights.

Tara McElfresh said...

It's also sad that there is no mention of the 4 PPS girls from Linden that found the boy and pulled him up from the water!

Questioner said...

That is strange, because there have been students recognized at Board meetings for having saved a life. These girls may deserve the same recognition.

Anonymous said...

Parents of Arsenal students have you checked out the Arsenal No Rumors video on U-Tube? I questioned my daughter what she and her friends were talking about and she said some students posted a video. I viewed it. It appears that the students were unsupervised in its making since several of them are standing on chairs and tables in the library and throughout the school with no adult present. This is not acceptable. Is the principal aware of this video being posted? How were so many students out of class at the same time for the recording? Was this approved by the school?