Saturday, June 16, 2012

Westinghouse (selective?) update

From the PG:

New post: interesting article regarding Westinghouse

things that jumped out at me:

Students were able to make-up courses VERY quickly

emphasis on CTE courses which PPS

got away from (unfortunately)

because every student should be

college bound

principal wants input into

teachers she gets (PFT??)

school seems to be not so

"scripted" curriculum

community is getting to input

Principal is getting a big

say so in how school is run


It will be interesting to see if this all comes to pass. I hope it does.


Questioner said...

Outside of the official presentation, there has been a lot of talk about stolen checks, incident involving 3 boys and a girl backstage, test scores going down, staff leaving and not due to seniority. Are Board members being given the whole picture? Is the public being given the whole picture? Does it matter?

Anonymous said...

Tom Sumpter's sister-in-law teaches (and has been forever)there. She should certainly be aware of what goes on. Don't you think she shares insider info. with him?

Questioner said...

The Broad influence doesn't seem to help. On the one hand the Broad position is that we are better off without school boards, but when there is a school board in place Broad tries to make select members feel important. When does Broad wake up and admit it's not working?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Crenshaw did an outstanding job of presenting her plan and answering questions for two hours at the Education Committee Meeting.

Hopefully, she will get the support that she needs to bring her plans to fruition.

Shemeca Crenshaw is a very intelligent and determined young woman.

My bet would be on her as opposed to Central Office chiefs who will likely attempt interference.

With the collaboration from the CTE Executive Director, Angela Mike, and Community support Westinghouse will turn the corner this year.

Let's all advocate for a "hands-off" policy from Central Office!

Anonymous said...

The students at Westinghouse deserve to be cut every break we can give them.

Just keep Otuwa, French and Lippert (and Fischetti) out the building.

They (and Ripper) also need to be kept out of UPREP.

Allow these schools to have real leaders and then get out of the way.

Community involvement can be a real asset if they are not kept in the dark and/or manipulated to perverse purpose.

Anonymous said...

Hands-off and support are definitely the keys for success.

Anonymous said...

Stolen checks? What the hell is going on at Westinghouse?

Anonymous said...

There is a Pittsburgh Public Schools public hearing scheduled for MONDAY, JUNE 25TH. Call ROBIN to be placed on the list of speakers. The phone number is 412.622.3770. Parents and community members/activists should act quickly because the date is fast approaching. This is a method to voice our concerns in record numbers at the 6/25 hearing. Let dissenting Board members & Dr. Lane know that their actions are a MISERABLE FAILURE & BORDERLINE CRIMINAL THE WAY THEY ARE DISMANTLING EDUCATION IN PITTSBURGH BY CLOSING SCHOOLS, FURLOUGHING & DISPLACING TEACHERS/SUPPORT STAFF IN RECORD NUMBERS, INCREASING CLASS SIZE, MOVING STUDENTS FROM SCHOOL TO SCHOOL TO SAVE TRANSPORTATION BUDGET MONIES, ALONG WITH A HOST OF OTHER UNPRODUCTIVE DECISIONS WHICH UNDERMINE ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT. PARENTS & COMMUNITY MEMBERS, PLEASE SIGN UP & SPEAK OUT AT THE JUNE 25TH PUBLIC HEARING.

Anonymous said...

How do we restore the positions and keep class size manageable with the amount of money we have to work with? If Harrisburg is immoveable what should get cut? Is it true that baseball and softball won't be played in 6-8 going forward? Certainly admin needs shrunk, but what else can we afford to do without?

Anonymous said...

Ranting---Why is there a LIVE BOARD MEETING link on the home page that hasn't worked since 2011?

Anonymous said...

Does PPS tube even work at all? I can't find any videos. How much did they pay for consultants to film meetings?

Easy things getting screwed up should get noticed.

Anonymous said...

The first thing you do is keep the heat on Linda Lane. This district settled for firing teachers instead of firing from among the 700+ administrators in the district right now.
Why do they understand in Philadelphia that education=teachers and students, and have made preparations to fire administrators NOT IN SCHOOLS???

Why does no one in Pittsburgh media even ask???

Do not believe Linda Lane when she states that they "studied the possible cuts." They certainly did not. Keeping this incredible ponzi scheme alive was paramount. Getting rid of teachers was natural and easy. Just look at the board minutes from over the past year.

Here is an individual who should be made to justify exactly why there are so many administrators. She should be made to explain the roles of each administrator. Ever see the movie 'Dave'? I am betting that an educated parent could balance this budget and NOT fire one teacher, and do it in one day.

Common sense and the lack of a political agenda would get us there.

There are many teachers who are currently "displaced" and have no clue as to where they will be going. None. Many have had letters and emails which are replete with numerous errors and mis-statements. How do you go through the summer being made to twist in the wind???

As for Westinghouse, isn't it sickening that no central office administrator could right the ship? None. I can think of a number of old school principals who could.

I know of many displaced teachers---either correctly or incorrectly designated as such--who believe that this entire saga of "displacement"--is a ruse that will lead them to being placed at Westinghouse.

We shall see but if so, isn't that a great way to start a year. Last year, you had numerous teachers who wanted to be at Westinghouse but who were undermined by administrator incompetence. Are we saying that next school year, we will have numerous teachers who either didn't want to be there or had no clue they would be placed there until, say, August 26th??

It would seem to me that we are heading down the same road.

Anonymous said...

So what is the best solution for Westinghouse. I still say let the alumni get in there and work that thing out. We have tried everyone else and although I am not an alumn of Westinghouse, sometimes I wish I was so I could speak louder. I must admit there alumni has always impressed me and appear to be the only group that will stand the test of time, money or no money.

Anonymous said...

I agree. PPS screw Westinghouse up so bad it needs a community intervention. Dr. lane must be ashame that she does not know what to do with a all african american school so she is throwing everything at it she can instead of getting the right people on top of this issue. How much longer is this community going to sit back and let her do this to them? Where are those Bdogs that we have come a acustom to fighting for their school?

Anonymous said...

It appears he Bulldogs have thrown up their hands and I dont blame them. They should wait this one out. It obvious that PPS wants to give their money away to their friends and outsiders and make it look like they are doing reform for WHS.

The Bulldogs and leaders in this community has tried everything they can to convince this administration that the reform ideas they are using will not work with WHS. But they have been ignore and as such WHS is worst off.
My recomendation to any parent in Hwd, is to get your kid in another school, private or charter. If you dont you are hurting your kids chances at a decent shot in life. PPS has no clue when in comes to kids from your circumstances. Dr. lane simply lacks the skill set or empathy to work with this population and its community leaders, and her staff is following her lead. How sad.

Anonymous said...

Are you familiar with Broad Academy Michelle Rhee? It isn't a coincidence that Lane & Roosevelt were both trained at the Broad Academy also. It us an agenda driven shortcut to big bucks in education for the chosen few with ZERO experience in education. They have no room for empathy or logic. They do what they want and when they want to do it.

Look at the big picture, this is not about the kids.

Anonymous said...

Lane uses the Roosevelt technique: let the public complain for a little while and it will all go away. It's not like they are going to mobilize and energize the entire city to have marches on Bellefield.

Schenley had a strong group of supporters. Where did that strength get them?

I suspect that a lot of the old grads of places like Carrick are not thrilled at what has taken place there (they have had some very distinguished grads).
I am sure there are Langley grads who are sickened by what has taken place.
And Oliver.
And South Hills before it.
And South High.
And Fifth Ave.

When there is apathy, corruption and incompetence can flourish. We have a long history of all of this in PPS. The latest travesty is Westinghouse.

Anonymous said...

Please close Westinghouse now. PPS is hurting your Kids. Find a better situation for them. They will never be able to compete with the education they are getting at WHS. Its a shame. I would never ever let my kids go there and any one who does has not other options, or they are loyal beyond logic. Even the old Bulldogs from yester years dont recognize the education comming out of that school. Think about it. Would you hire a current WHS graduate? And its not their fault.

Anonymous said...

This is part of the Broad Gates (Venture philanthropists) plan. Make schools a total failure which gets the community to ask for a charter school. This is the first step in the privatization of public schools. When you look back at all the wasted money, time, lies and idiotic decisions it starts to make sense when you finally realize this was the intent from day one.

Too bad our board members, minus 2 are inept and clueless. In all fairness a few know exactly what is going on and support the policies and are as corrupt as the venture philanthropists.

Anonymous said...

It figures. Hurt those who are the least amoung us.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:26 - I know of at least three displaced teachers who were placed at Westinghouse. After everything that was said about teachers being placed there instead of wanting to go there. After Brently wanted the board to apologize for that specifically, PPS still continues to do it.