Thursday, June 21, 2012

Why are there so often problems w/ Board broadcasts?

Today's meeting is being broadcast without sound.

The show immediately before it had sound, and all the other FIOS channels have sound, but the school board meeting has a picture only. 


Questioner said...

You can watch on youtube though:

Anonymous said...

I HAVE Comcast with no sound.

No closed caption.

I pay tsxes for this method of broadcast.

I have had enough of their media relations.

Maybe we should start another thread and we should write a scripted televised broadcast
for the Board as talking heads.

Additionally, with cllosed caption

Anonymous said...

No sound or closed captions on Verizon's FIOS either.

And yes, it is available on youtube.

Much of the ongoing confusion on PPS communications, responses to questions, failure to have a stenographer at Education Meetings, and disruptions on telecasts appear to be deliberate and/or evasive.

But pointing it out to PPS is an exercise in futility.

Anonymous said...

Didn't they pay for this service? Sheesh, now we will need more consultants to fix this.

Anonymous said...

Why does it sound like some boardmembers are whispering at the June legislative meeting? Both Sumpter and Shealey are either speaking very softly or something is wrong with the mics on that side of the room.